Should LTC move to a new name? If so, which one?

Keep 'Live To Craft' and be proud of it!
3 (18.8%)
Keep 'Live To Craft', but show it as 'LTC'
0 (0%)
Go back to BeardedCraft!
12 (75%)
I prefer someone else's vote down in the replies!
1 (6.3%)

Total Members Voted: 16

Author Topic: New Name?  (Read 305 times)

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Re: New Name?
« on: September 25, 2017, 07:04:35 am »
Hello peeps, remember me?  ;D
I have a suggestion, to grab more players along. You guys have thought about it in the past, but I don't think you've gone with it.
That is Modpacks
So nowadays, in Minecraft, there are a lot more players playing Minecraft modpacks than there has been before, because normal Minecraft is so 2009
My suggestion is to advertise modpack servers too. This involves modpacks like Tekkit, FeedTheBeast etc. even pixelmon but don't
Yeah yeah I know there will be hosting issues, but, they'll get resolved (eventually)
This is my suggestion anyway, cause even though I am sick of average day Minecraft (the reason I haven't been on the server) I still like a good modpack, like i still play Tekkit Classic, cause I know everything
This will branch off new opportunities too, cause lets be real, if a server is empty, the new opportunity is bringing people new things!
Anyway, what im trying to say is I want to server to grow as much as you guys, cause even though I haven't been on, its sad to see something that I've used and paid for fail
Talk to ya later
I play alot of games, Mostly Minecraft and League of Legends