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Title: New Name?
Post by: DorionQc on June 30, 2017, 11:55:39 pm
We need more players, don't we? I mean, the server is pretty much always either empty or with just a handful of players.
Advertising sounds good on paper, but in practice, it really doesn't do much when there are hundred of other servers also advertising.
We need to stand out more, and that's where YOU come in.

First of all, we could use a new name, really.
"Live To Craft". Does this sound attractive?
Anyway, there's a poll for you to give an answer.
Feel free to reply with a better name, and I'll add it to the poll (if I can).

Then, we could probably use a better banner.
Atm, I'm using this : (
It kinda works, but it could definitly be much better, like all animated and fancy and whatever.
I'm no designer, yall can probably tell, but if YOU are, I'll be more than happy to take suggestions for better banners!

Also, how should we describe ourselves?
We're a pretty old server with a nice community, playing survival together with a bunch of fun plugins, sure, but that doesn't really sound all that appealing.
Like I said, we need to stand out! :P
Got ideas for things to add, or for ways to describe the server? I'm interested to hear them.
Just... I'm not gonna turn the server into a minigame server. We're survival and we shall stay this way.
A few minigames on the side is nice, but it shouldn't be the main focus.

Thanks for your input. I'm hoping to get a good player feedback before I post too many ads out there ;)
Title: Re: New Name?
Post by: MissPan on July 02, 2017, 04:18:57 am
Being that the server is survival focused, I believe the name could possibly point to that.  If I come up with anything I will edit! Probably won't though cause I suck. :D

Title: Re: New Name?
Post by: Nick on July 08, 2017, 05:32:10 am
I will help brainstorm and design in the morning, too  ;D
Title: Re: New Name?
Post by: Iz102 on July 09, 2017, 04:25:51 pm
In regards to having the name point to survival, I don't think that's really necessary. There are countless server names that have nothing to do with what they offer. Live to Craft just feels a little bland and doesn't really set us apart from any other server

In regards to how the poll seems to be going! I made a BeardedCraft logo in creative recently.

Title: Re: New Name?
Post by: indyj_ on July 09, 2017, 05:08:26 pm
Hey guys! Idk if you know but I'm studying graphic design so I threw this new animated banner together for BeardedCraft. (
It's is the same dimensions as the example you gave Dorion. I can change some stuff (fonts, pictures, etc) if you want. If you don't want to use it at all that's fine too honestly.
Title: Re: New Name?
Post by: ltsquellette on August 03, 2017, 11:21:37 am
Hello people, I thought about how to get more players on the server and now I am sharing you my suggestions :

To bring new people on the server :

-Create a vote link on (for exemple) in order to advertise for the server.

N.B: Rewarding players vote encourage them to do it daily.

-A new description for it in servers list websites.

-The banner is great, I think it is good  ;)

(-if possible, get a dedicated IP because numbers sounds like a small server hosted on a computer [In my opinion] )

To encourage new players to be active :

-reward time played (by giving some $ in game every hour played for exemple)

-organise events (like spleef or parkour)

Server's Description Suggestion :

Welcome to Live to Craft, a 1.12 survival based server with a friendly community and staff to help you during your adventure ! You can have fun with friends on survival or creative mode or become the Brand New PvE Master in our Super Hostile Mansion. 
Here you can find an economy that allow trading between players and a bunch of fun plugins to add something magical to your journey !
Join us on "insert address here" !

Thanks for watching my suggestions, I hope it will be useful.  :)


Title: Re: New Name?
Post by: Dragonsnight on September 25, 2017, 07:04:35 am
Hello peeps, remember me?  ;D
I have a suggestion, to grab more players along. You guys have thought about it in the past, but I don't think you've gone with it.
That is Modpacks
So nowadays, in Minecraft, there are a lot more players playing Minecraft modpacks than there has been before, because normal Minecraft is so 2009
My suggestion is to advertise modpack servers too. This involves modpacks like Tekkit, FeedTheBeast etc. even pixelmon but don't
Yeah yeah I know there will be hosting issues, but, they'll get resolved (eventually)
This is my suggestion anyway, cause even though I am sick of average day Minecraft (the reason I haven't been on the server) I still like a good modpack, like i still play Tekkit Classic, cause I know everything
This will branch off new opportunities too, cause lets be real, if a server is empty, the new opportunity is bringing people new things!
Anyway, what im trying to say is I want to server to grow as much as you guys, cause even though I haven't been on, its sad to see something that I've used and paid for fail
Talk to ya later