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Show your Pet! ;)
« on: November 15, 2012, 04:26:40 pm »
Hello all; After some amazing chat as per usual on the server, i have decided to make a thread where you can showcase your pet's. These can be Real life pets or pets that you have gained on your journey in BeardedCraft =P
I'll start:

This is my family dog, Rhanni. ;)

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Re: Show your Pet! ;)
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2012, 06:53:10 pm »
Cute dog - And name, haha! :P

Chocolate lab?

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Re: Show your Pet! ;)
« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2012, 10:41:57 pm »
This is going to be a bit of a ramble. I love my pets very much and am sharing the love :P

I have three black cats - Boots, Sooty and Sweep. They're all awesome in their own little way:

Boots turned 4 yesterday, and we've had him since he was a kitten. He's very antisocial, yet can't stand being alone. He sits in a room with people, but won't accept a fussing unless he's hungry. Boots is a very sociable friendly cat when he wants to be, and so long as a cat is introduced to him via us then he's cool with them. Otherwise, his vicious side comes out - light on his feet, he's a sodding ninja who can easily take on cats twice his size.

Speaking of twice his size, here's Sooty. Not long turned 2, we've had him since he was 1. His previous owner got fed up when Sooty didn't learn proper toilet habits as a kitten and threatened to kick him out on the street, so we rescued him before that could happen.
Where Boots is small, antisocial and short-haired, Sooty is the opposite. Massive, always in your face and long fluffy hair. He's easily the best of the cats to get a hug out of. When we first got him he wasn't quite so big, but with regular meals and hugs he just ballooned in size. While Boots refuses to use his claws on humans, Sooty playfights with everything including teeth and wrapping all fours around any unfortunate body part. Where Boots is agile and stealthy, Sooty hadn't quite learned to hunt so was as cat-like as an elephant. But him and Boots took to each other almost instantly, and are quite inseparable. Boots taught him how to hunt(thanks, mate...) and Sooty taught Boots about hugs. Boots isn't quite there but he's getting along nicely.
And as you can see from the pic he's right at home with us. In this pic, he's somehow opened my mother's underwear drawer and is relaxing in it.

And finally, Sweep. We think she's about 3, and rescued her from a washed-out car park about 2 months ago. We'd seen her around there many times but she kept running away. Finally this one time she came up and mewed, so we wrapped her in a jacket and took her the 2 minute walk home. After much advertising our little lost cat and checking for microchips, nobody came forward so we kept her. Mum decided to call her Sweep because of Sooty, but I felt Soo was a better name as she's a she... but what do I know :P And much to the little one's luck, her "home" under the bridge we found her at got flooded the very next night(we get really bad floods in our area) so that's one black cat that's not quite unlucky at all.

From what we can make out she'd been outside for months(based mostly on people's sightings of her) and believe she had been thrown in the river upstream and managed to swim her way out. She's had a rotten time and as such is still struggling to relax fully around us. She hates the twins(they're not, but they get up to that much trouble together that they may as well be) and isn't keen on hugs, but we're now seeing glimpses of a happy cat. She still has a icky stomach from her months living rough but her fur is as smooth and shiny like the other cats now. Hopefully in months to come she'll start to trust us and come out of her shell more.

A special mention for Puss, who sadly died last Christmas(next door neighbour kidnapped him for 24 hours, and eventually let him go after paralysing him with a kick to the hips). This guy hated other cats with a passion, but eventually came to learn to love Boots. He had a way of hugging us people where we'd pick him up and he'd headbutt us. He was a very honest, upfront kinda cat and wasn't afraid to come looking for people for company. His loss jurt us badly and sent Boots into depression for months(yes, cats get depressed believe it or not) and if it wasn't for Sooty we might not have a happy Boots these days. Sooty wasn't around long enough to get attached to Puss but for everyone else he's a massive hole in our lives that will be hard to fill.
Also the only cat I've known that picked his own name - he hated Tigger, but always answered to Puss. And you can see why Mum called the next cat Boots..

Didn't mean to end that wall of text on such a sad note, but heyho. I'm a cat lover, and the existence of this topic demanded I share the love :P See, I'm not a complete dick ;)

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Re: Show your Pet! ;)
« Reply #3 on: November 23, 2012, 11:18:36 pm »
MoD I'm a cat lover to :)
This picture is my cat ( I always think of him as a kitty to me <3 ) is Tiger. My Pappaw's boss had a cat that had kittens and I gotone :)
Tiger is special to me and anything that happaned to him, would brake my heart. Literaly. I <3 him to death :)

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