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Town Owner & Town Owner Applications
« on: September 08, 2016, 12:36:54 am »
*Town Owner

What is it?

*Town Owner is the rank given to... Town Owners!
It gives some basic control to town mayors over their town and plots.
It is a Dynamic Rank, meaning that you don't get to keep it if you no longer match the criterias.
(If your town gets deserted, if you go inactive for too long, if the map resets, etc)

How do I get it?

*Town Owner is arguably the most difficult rank to get.
To get it, you must post your application (new post on the "Ranks" board) that answers all the following questions.
You must only reply post an application once your town is ready and matches all the requirements. Denied requests will be deleted.


User Requirements

- You must be Trusted rank of above
- You must own a valid town (see below)
- You must have Staff Approval (after you applied)

Since this rank gives a LOT of power, only the most trustworthy players will be allowed to get the whole rank.
If we do not fully trust your intentions, you may only be allowed a limited version of the rank.

Town Requirements

- Must have at least 2 active members (Owner excluded)
- Must have a backup owner (In case you ever go missing, this person will be in charge, so choose wisely)
- Must offer at least 3 services and/or attractions (Minigames, shops, farms, etc)
- Must have clear instructions as to who owns what, town-specific rules, etc
- Must have a beautiful, polished and attractive /warp location
- Must have plots and/or land for expansion, for players to build on
- Must be ORGANISED (Good road system, districts, etc)
- Must provide some basic infrastructure and safety (Light, mob-free areas, fencing, etc)

But that's all pretty easy to achieve. Here's the hard part

- Your town must have Builder Approval (so that the foundations of the town are great)
See Judging section
- Your town must be original


Note: You may only apply once a month

If you think that your town fits all the above requirements, then you're ready to fill in the application below.
Simply create a new post on the "Ranks" board, and fill in this list.
You may copy/paste it and answer between the lines :P.
(Tip: A good-looking application might be more attractive for voters, keep that in mind ;))

- The title must follow the format
"[Your IGN] - Town Owner Application"
Ex: Dorion - Town Owner Application

Your post must include...

- Your IGN
- The name of your town
- The warp name (and location) that you wish to get (You may show that to a staff ingame, or provide coordinates)
- The goal of your town (is it for new players? to play with your friends? just to have fun?)

- What services does your town provide?
- Are there administrative buildings? (Court, Town Hall, Jail, etc)
- How is your town organised? (Plots? Districts? Free build?)
- How can a new player get into your town?

- What is the style of your town? (Modern? Medieval? Whatever looks good? :P)
- Who is part of your town already?
- How many players are you aiming for?

You may also include any information that you think could make you (and your town) a good candidate for the Town Owner rank.
It's also recommended to provide screenshots, to make it more appealing and easier to judge.
Use a third-party website to upload pictures, and give the link.


You may raise attention that you're going for town owner and need to be judged.
However, you may NOT beg or spam players to go see your town.

Once your application is filled, a /warp will be set at the location specified to make it easier for players to go around and judge your town.
To get the rank, the majority of Trusted+ visitors must approve of your town (by replying on your application and saying that they approve).
Furthermore, 3 of said visitors must have an endgame rank (Builder, Staffs, etc)

If you are a visitor and don't know what to check, here are a few key points.
- Would you live in this town? If not, why? Be constructive and avoid insults :P
- Does the town look appealing?
- Does (should) it fit a theme?
- Does it look messy and/or disorganised?
- Is it easy to go around and get things done?
- Are there good reasons to go in that town?

If you're an endgame-ranked visitor, please pay special attention to the quality of builds, material choices, research in shapes, etc.
Again, Be Constructive And Helpful.
If the town sucks, show why, and how you would fix it.
(And don't say that it sucks, euphemisms are your friend ;))

What do they get?

As stated above, the *Town Owner comes with great power and responsabilities.
It is remarkable by the blue * star next to your name.

- All of Legend perks
- Access to some basic protections commands, to create plots
- Access to some AreaShop commands, to create buyable and sellable plots
- A warp to their town
- A single [repair] sign (pay to use)
- A single [heal] sign (pay to use)

Here's how they work a little more in depth

IMPORTANT: Avoid having players in your main protection. They will have access to everything. When possible, make new regions and add necessary players to them.
All these commands will only work within your town's main protection.

Get a wooden axe (//wand) and select 2 opposite corners of the region you wish to create. That also includes the height.
If you're not familiar with WorldEdit, look up some tutorials on how to select an area with WorldEdit.
If you ARE familiar with WorldEdit, you also have access to commands such as //expand, //shift, //pos1|2, etc

To create a plot...
Use /rg claim [YourTownName_RegionName_Number] [Your IGN]
Ex: /rg claim DoriTown_ShopPlot_1 Dorion
Note: Your region name MUST start with your town's name, followed by an '_'.
It's a good practice to always put a number after your region name, to avoid naming conflicts later.

If you want to get information on your plot
Use /rg info [Your new plot's name]
or stand in your plot and use /rg info
Ex: /rg info DoriTown_ShopPlot_1

If you want to delete a plot
Use /rg remove [Your new plot's name]
Ex: /rg remove DoriTown_ShopPlot_1
This can NOT be undone

If you want your plot to inherit from your town's main region (Get all its members, flags, etc)
Use /rg setparent [Your new plot's name] [Your main town protection name]
Ex: /rg setparent DoriTown_ShopPlot_1 DoriTown
If you have members in your towns, they will also be members of the child region

If you want your plot to override the town's main region's properties (i.e. you want only You and nobody else allowed in the protection)
Use /rg setpriority [Your new plot's name] [A number higher than 0]
Ex: /rg setpriority DoriTown_ShopPlot_1 5

If you want to add owners to your plot
Use /rg addowner [Your new plot's name] [New owner's IGNs]
Ex: /rg addowner DoriTown_ShopPlot_1 MissPan
Plot owners can add new members to their plots. Use this carefully.

If you want to add members to your plot
Use /rg addmember [Your new plot's name] [New member's IGN]
Ex: /rg addmember DoriTown_ShopPlot_1 MissPan

/rg remmember and /rg remowner work just like /rg addmember and /rg addowner, but to remove members or owners.


To put a region for sale, grab a sign and place it down somewhere.

Type in the following:
[buy] (with the [])
<Your region's name> (/rg info)
<The cost> (with no $ sign or anything)
(Leave the last line blank)


To put a region for rent, place a sign and type in the following:

[rent] (with the [])
<Your region's name> (/rg info)
<The length of renting> (1s, 5m, 10h, 20d, 2w, 1M, 3y)
<The cost> (with no $ sign)


Watch out for the sign text length limit.
If it says that you are not the landlord, make sure that you are an owner of the region you're trying to sell/rent.
If your name is listed as "name:IGN", then add yourself again as an owner (/rg addowner ...)

To remove a rentable or buyable plot, use
/as del [your region's name]

To unrent a plot, use
/as unrent [Your region's name]

To sell (unbuy) a plot, use
/as sell [Your region's name]

If you have any questions, or ask a staff ingame.
This is all pretty new, so if they don't know, it's no big deal :P.

I think that should cover mostly everything. Thanks for reading! :P

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