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VIP & Donation Thread
« on: September 06, 2016, 06:28:10 pm »

What is it?

If you enjoy playing on the server so much that you feel like helping us keeping it up financially, this rank is for you!
$VIP is the rank given to donators, old or new, that will follow them forever after a donation of at least $10 (USD)

How do I get it?

<<Donation section incoming, once I talk with ID about it ;)>>

What do they get?

With the updated EULA and its enforcement, the $VIP rank can't have the perks that it used to D:

But of course, we still want a good way to reward them when they help us out.

So, to reward you for your donation, you get the $VIP rank.
This rank will follow you no matter what you do, even if you get more ranks.
It's remarkable by the green $ appearing next to your name.

The $VIP ranks comes with a bunch of cosmetic perks that let you fool around and look fancy ;)

- Pretty much all pet types (for MyPet)
- Pretty much every disguises
- /rename, which lets you rename your items with colors and symbols

For now, that's all we can give. However, if you have other ideas that don't give an ingame advantage (in order to keep it legal), feel free to post it in the
"LTC 1.10-1.11 Update - Pt.1" topic -

Also, with your donation, you may give some special perks for Everyone for some time!

First of all, all players will get access to /fly for a week.

Then, you can choose to unlock one of these perks for everyone for 2 weeks
 - A sign in spawn that gives an infinite-duration potion effect for whoever clicks it (has to be reasonable)
 - Money buff from mob kills (3x more) for everyone
 - Access to an extra kit from a list
 - Event hosted (UHC, Dragon fight, Treasure hunt, Silvermine, etc)
(Got some ideas? Leave them in the "LTC 1.10-1.11 Update - Pt.1" topic -

Of course, some events might not really be applicable for a 2 week duration, but if you have any other idea that you'd like to see happen, you can always tell us with your donation and we'll see what we can do.
Keep in mind that it has to be available and benefit everyone.

Once the buff is in effect, an auto announcement will be up to publicly announce your donation and what you decided to let everyone have :P
If you wanna be creative with that message, leave it down here with your IGN (and a way for me to know if you really donated), and we'll see what we can do.

And finally. Thanks for your help  ;)

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