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LTC 1.10-1.11 Update - Pt.1
« on: September 05, 2016, 01:44:54 pm »
Welcome to a New Era of Live To Craft
Live To Craft? I never liked that name... If you have a better idea, throw it down in the comments :D

As it's been known, I'm the new Head Administrator of LTC, and I'll try to be just as good as Nxck and Nick at this job.
But LTC is not what a single person decides of it, it's most importantly a community, and I'll try to make that aspect as important as it should be.

If you've been on the server recently while I was also around, you might have seen me ask various questions about the future of the server to our most active members.
With their help, I've made a list of things that are bound to change in the nearby future, some of which have already changed.
If you have other suggestions that you wish to express, feel free to comment this post, or to PM me or any staff (or anyone really) and get their view on it.

Anyway, here's a brief changelog, I'll go into more details on certain aspects in a different post at a later date.


*Town Owner
this color is for multis, town owners are very light blue

The Town Owner rank is arguably the most difficult and time consuming rank to get.
It's a rank made to give more power to town owners (duh), by letting them set up their own basic protections, rentable and buyable plots, etc.
This rank also inherits from Legend, which I'll explain in more details later in this post.
It is a DYNAMIC RANK, meaning that it is not connected to your account in any way, and you can lose it at any point if you don't match the criterias anymore.
This also means that you can be both Town Owner and Builder, for example.
Players with the Town Owner rank get a light blue star (*) next to their nickname in game.

If you wish to get more information on how to get this rank, and what are the perks associated with it, please check out the Town Owner post, in the Ranks section of the forums.

The real color is gray, but that's unreadable on the forums

VIPs have always been an important part of LTC, but with all the recent drama around the EULA, that rank has been bringing more and more trouble...
Recent? Who am I kidding, it's been 2 years damnit
The Legend rank is essentially a replacement for what VIPs used to get, meaning that old donators can keep most of their perks.
It is also a rank that will be given to the older members of our community.
Builders, Redstoners, Pixel Artists, Specialists and Town Owners inherit from Legend, meaning that they also get those perks that everyone's been wanting for so long.

In order to get this rank, you have to either be a pre-EULA VIP (in which case you already are a $Legend), or a player whose Forums account is older than 2 years old.
Why am I checking the date of the forums account you might ask?
It simply is the most precise date measurement that we have access to, and means that you've likely been an active member of the community for at least around 2 years.
If you're one of the less lucky old members that do not own a forums account... Come see me ingame and we'll see what we can do :P.
Finally, you can bypass those conditions by getting one of the ranks mentioned above, which inherit from Legends anyway.

For more information about this rank, check the Legend post in the ranks section of the forums.

No, that's not the admin color.

But now that all old $VIPs are $Legends, what happens with the real $VIP rank?

Well, in order to enable donations again, we have to make it so that you don't get any ingame advantage from donating, meaning that things like /fly, /feed, /repair or even just having more /homes can't be given for a donation.. :(
However, we can let Everyone have an ingame perk for a little while when we get a donation ;).
So, the $VIP rank is now a lot more community-oriented.

Not only will you be able to look fancy with a bunch of cosmetic perks, but you can also bring a global buff for the server for a certain time!
Here's a quick list of things that you'd be able to unlock for some time after donating.
Of course, if you have a better idea in mind, let us know and we might add it if it's a good idea :P
.. and I also have some other things in mind, but I'll wait to see if it's even possible before I talk about it >:D

- /fly for everyone
- Global potion effect for everyone
- Global money buff from mobs for everyone
- Daily (or weekly) kit for everyone
- Event hosted (UHC, Dragon fight, Treasure hunt, etc)
- .. or anything that could be enjoyable and would benefit everyone :D

And that's without saying that you help us keep the server online with the least lag possible, which we're all very thankful for!

For more information about this rank, check the VIP post on the forums.


Live To Craft currently has a LOT of plugins, most of which are barely used, broken or mostly disabled. It's time to clean this up. And that's where I need your opinion :D

The thing that gives /rlt go, and the random tp signs in spawn

This plugin essentially acts as a replacement for what /warp wild used to be, to avoid having a cluttered mess.
However, it very often sends players in the same general area, where a lot of other players have already been.
Is it worth keeping, should we go back to /warp wild (and maybe /warp wild-north, /warp wild-south, etc), or should we just increase its range?


This plugin adds a bunch of fancy enchantements to various items in minecraft, rune crafting (to add those enchants to your items), and some custom items.
For instance, it adds Haste picks, Jump boost boots, Night vision helmets, Freezing swords, etc.
However, in order to keep things semi-balanced in a survival server, most of the plugin has been disabled, and it still makes surviving extremely easy.
Should it stay on LTC? Should some parts stay and some others be disabled? Should it only be used for custom events and not be part of survival?

Tameable zombies and chicken!

MyPet allows you to catch and train various mobs and animals to help you out in your survival experience.
It's been on LTC for quite some time, but it also makes a lot of people join LTC only for its presence, and then leave because of how limited it is.
It is also mostly only used by new members, and quickly abandoned once they're decently geared.
Do you think MyPet should stay on LTC? If not, would you change something about it?

Skyblock, and other minigames

LTC/BC/SC has always mainly been a survival server, and I think that's what it should stay focused on.
Of course, having minigames can bring some fun, but such minigames are usually only used for a couple days before being completely ignored and/or forgotten.
Then, much like with MyPet, new players join because they see that we have, for instance, Prop Hunt, and leave disappointed.
Should we even bother having minigames while some other servers specialize into hosting minigames?

Please leave your opinion on those plugins below, or any other plugin that you feel should change.
Remember to keep your comments civilized, everyone can have their opinion and you're free to disagree, but insulting or attacking other players will only bring you trouble.

Once I get a good view on what yall want to see with LTC, I'll make a new post about "What to expect in the near future".

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Re: LTC 1.10-1.11 Update - Pt.1
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2016, 01:58:00 pm »
Remove RandomLocationTeleporter & CustomEnchants, keep MyPet. Mini-games should be introduced when we have a more "active" playerbase. ;>
started from the bottom now the whole team here

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Re: LTC 1.10-1.11 Update - Pt.1
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2016, 02:54:21 pm »
Warp Wilds worked great when given an area of protection, and allows the server builds to be represented elsewhere, /Ce is a plugin players either live for or dont give a can go in my opinion. dice furniture can go, find a replacement if possible, maybe even a vip kit. Mini-games, why? as you said Dori, we are a survival server, always have been. Mypet is a cute lil plug in thats not resource demanding so sure why not...maybe another vip perk. As for the server wide perks...weve spoken fairly in depth, and I still stand by keeping fly as a trusted+ perk, keeps players steered towards the forums. vip perks should be things noone on the server has, such as /feed n /fix soon. kits, well search my commands to see when the last time I actually used one lol. If you dont have the drive to go find jungle wood, then what the hell you need it for that badly?? Ditch the kits n make em a vip perk as you were saying

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Re: LTC 1.10-1.11 Update - Pt.1
« Reply #3 on: September 13, 2016, 11:44:45 pm »
Before I give my two cents, great job on the organization of the ranks. :)

Random Location Teleporter

It has some use. Like I used it more then a few times to explore what others are building, cause it teleports you within a short distance of someones home 95% of the time I would say. Even long time abandoned or forgotten homes. However seems an easy tool to use to hunt down and grief any unprotected builds in that sense. So for that reason I vote to remove RandomLocationTeleporter


I've never used them, only a few appealed to me and they weren't made available. Fireworks. I also don't see how it is very fun, unless you weren't on a survival based server, then you could go wild with it all. Therefore I vote to remove Custom Enchants


This one is alot of fun imo :) I wouldn't want to see it go. Yes there has been alot of traffic for it specifically but we can alter how we advertise the server, just don't let them know we have it, its like a sweet surprise for anyone actually wanting to join us. I vote to keep MyPet

Skyblock, and other minigames

I believe the best use of minigames for us would be special events such as player run events, themed events, staff run events, holiday events, for the hell of it events etc :P ex.Skyblock semi-annual Event. A month long event to play skyblock like its falling out of the sky, which it is, in a month, then its gone for 6 months. Something like that. Limited time makes something more intriguing.

They should be used on a as needed basis. Cause you know if you really want to play minigames within minecraft there are a few really well run servers for that already. Lets do us, lets try an make a really good survival server with special events specifically for community building. When a mini game gets a good amount of interest say, we could introduce it for a a short amount of time with prizes and competitions.


I do like the furniture plugin, just not how many entities it uses, I'm guessing that there probably isn't anything better, must look sometime I guess. I feel we will not be keeping that right? :P I will miss you dice xoxo


Hmm I don't know if I have anything good to say about the lottery. Its gambling, it has some fun value yes but overall its a bad thing. It breeds greed. Greed isn't a positive thing. We can be better then that.

KK thats all. warlock out
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Re: LTC 1.10-1.11 Update - Pt.1
« Reply #4 on: September 18, 2016, 12:38:01 am »
Awesome job with the ranks! Now to rip apart the plugins... :P


I think this plugin was good while it lasted; however, it's time to lay it to rest. With the upcoming focus on town building, I don't really see the need for it anymore. Players should be encouraged to venture farther from spawn to find that prime real estate, and venture even farther from the towns they join.


I may be a little biased towards this plugin... because I hate it. Perhaps during special events it could be fun. During normal survival gameplay it has no place. Too many enchanted books go to waste and it makes survival too easy.


Personally, I've never used it but I do understand the appeal of it. Who wouldn't want to have a cute little critter to follow them around? I'm not sure how many people actually participate in training their pets, though. Right now, I see it as purely a cosmetic plugin.


I think that with a bigger server population, some minigames would be great. It encourages community! However, I don't see much use of minigames with so few people. It would take quite a bit of convincing to get all of the players on the server at one time to play a (partially filled) round of Hunger Games, or what have you.


I feel like this plugin causes more trouble than it's worth. It was cool having candles, umbrellas, and skeletons but.. eh. I'd rather see people working more with creativity and imagination. To me, the mass amount of entities and the lag that follows is not worth it.

- Bendy out   ;D