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************New Recipes***********

************Saddles and Horse Armor***********
You know those weird things with 4 legs that you can ride ?
Yes Pigs and Horses are very fun,
but don't you hate it when you finally find your own after looking for hours,
and you can't Ride or protect it cause you have no Saddle or Armor ?

No More Worries, you can Now Craft your Own saddles and horse armor,
use /recipe to figure out the..... well.... recipe :p
/recipe saddle
/recipe ironhorsearmor
/recipe goldhorsearmor
/recipe diamondhorsearmor
************The Ender Bow***********
Enderpearls, fun inventions huh ?
but wouldn't you like it if you could Throw them Further?
instead of now wich feel like you're throwing a wet towel ?
then this new Device is for you,

Introducing The Ender Bow!
Able to Shoot over Massive Distances with a single pearl per Shot.
*Disclaimer : we are Not responsible for Any Deaths / Accidental Lava baths or head first landings in farm animals.*

Now you may think :
so how do you get your hands on this ?
Easy : open your Crafting Bench, put 1 Bow in the Middle Slot
and Surround it by Ender Pearls (8 pearls total)

then Fly Little Birdie 8)

Tired of all those pesky stairs keeping you in shape ?
Have no Fear : Elevators are Here!

Easy to setup and maintain by Anybody.
Can bring you all the way up to Heaven, or plunge you down to hell with the push of a button :p
and Dress it up with Functional Elevator Floors :
Iron Blocks / Gold Blocks / Diamond Blocks < Each block has a Higher Speed/travel Value.

Setup Tutorial :

************Dungeon Maze Adventure**********
Tired of all those Caves and Mineshafts with Dead Ends?
and Walls of Smooth stone Blocking your path while mining ?
then Fear No More!

Introducing our First Adventure Mode for the server 8)
7 Layers of Infinite Generated Dungeons with Suprises and Mobs around Each corner!
the map Includes a Shop for all your Armor/Weapons/Tools and Potion needs,

Earn a Good Buck Killing mobs,
and have fun with Friends while doing it 8)

still confused what we're talking about ?
then go look at this :p

Want to get Started ? type /Warp Adventure

************CCTV Cameras**********
Is your Yard beeing Dug up ?
Is your Door beeing sprayed with Graffiti?
Does your Kid sneak out at Night while your sleeping ?

Log all Suspicous Behaviour now with our Patented CCTV LTC Cameras!
Able to look 1 Direction or in a Full 360 view for your Spying Comfort :p
and Practicaly Invisible to the Untrained Eye!

Order your Camera NOW at your Friendly LTC Staff Members,
Cameras Cost 2500$ per camera (hardware Cost), Monitors are Included in the Price,
No Setup Fee, but ofcourse feel Free to Tip the Staff that Installs the Camera for you 8)

Disclaimer : 3 Camera's Max per Costumer , Alts are not entitled for Any Cameras,
We are NOT Responsible for people Pulling Funny faces infront of the Camera :p
Side note : only Trusted Rank and UP are able to use Cameras

Yes, the Famous/Infamous Leveling/Roleplaying plugin has been added to LTC
you now have Several Skills and Abilities added to your Arsenal, wich include :
Swords / Axes / Unarmed / Bows / Mining / Woodcutting, and Lots more 8)

Now the Default settings of Mcmmo where very OP,
so i nerfed several skills quite a bit,
making it harder to lvl for some skills, and easyer for other skills in comparison,
The double drops have been Removed from Mining / Woodcutting and Digging skills,
and Treasures have been removed aswell from Several skills, example what was removed : getting Glowstone and Diamonds from Dirt......

Now i have to admit, i still have my Hesitations about this plugin,
so i would like to ask you all to put those doubts to rest.
so if you feel like some things are : OP / to slow to lvl / easy to abuse , etc etc,
>>> please inform me about it so i can adjust the settings accordingly <<<

Further More : any abuse of the Mcmmo plugin will mean a Wipe of all your Mcmmo stats, and an additional punishment.
Abuse examples :
1 : Cleaning out Entire Deserts/plains/forests Just to lvl up your skills and further more leaving all Blocks behind to despawn,
so pretty much Griefing the Land just to lvl up,
2 : afk LvLing, this should be Disabled in the config file, but if you find a work around for it and use it then it's considered Abuse.
3 : reserved for other abuse examples

so i would like to ask you all : Pretend this Plugin is Not active, and just Play as normal
don't go around thinking, OMG Drool i need my Skills so high cause them i'm the boss,
just play like you Normally would and there will be NP what so ever 8)

BeardedCraft General / Re: My Farewells and GoodBye's : Dazerk
« on: October 05, 2013, 04:22:58 pm »
Sigh 8(

crap man 8(
i really hope you will reconsider, perhaps take a break for a bit?
cause i would hate to loose you 8(
anyway, please think about it for a while, and come back to us 8)
if you choose not to, then i wish you the best of luck and fun with your future plans,

hope to see you again soon,

BeardedCraft General / LTC Donations Thread
« on: October 03, 2013, 06:11:44 pm »
With such a fantastic Community, every time to log in, you support the server. 8)

Now if you want to show More of your Support,
then you can Donate to the Server and receive a Permanent VIP Rank 8)

The Donation Cost is 10$ (usd)
To Donate : hit the "Buy Now" Button at the Bottom of the LTC Forum page (just scroll all the way down < can't miss it :p)
from there you will be sendt to a Paypal page with the 10$ Vip/Donation Purchase.

if you are Not able to Donate with Paypal or Credit Card,
feel free to send me a PM on the forums, and we can probably work something out.

"Now..... What does the permanent $10 VIP package Give you ?"

Anyone familiar with SupraCraft and BeardedCraft knows it's well worth it!
As VIP you get Access to :
- /Fly command
- Disguise, /D, as almost-any Mob/Block/Player
- /Kit VIP Once a day
- /Kit VIP2 Once every 2 weeks
- /Feed
- /Repair
- /Craft
- /Enderchest
- /Nick
- Set up to 10 Homes
-- Access to the VIP Forum section
And more, to come!

So if you'd like to go that extra step in supporting us, then it's always much appreciated. :)


-- After you've made a purchase with the 'Buy Now' Button at the Bottom of the LTC Forum Page, please post your IGN below and the name registered on your PayPal account so i can Confirm the Donation.
If you feel uncomfortable offering your name publicly, then you can send IDwLoD a PM on the forums.

BeardedCraft Server / LTC - Hard Mode Event
« on: September 27, 2013, 02:22:07 pm »
o/ guys

time for the Hard Mode event,
the difficutly on the server is amped up to Hard mode this weekend.
so mobs will do more damage to you 8)
the server difficulty will be set back to Normal on Monday morning

so Gear up, and show those mobs who is boss 8)

o/ greetzzz

Future Updates / Live To Craft - Plans and ideas for the future 8)
« on: September 19, 2013, 05:14:11 pm »
o/ guys,

time to inform you all about the future plans for the server 8)
nothing fancy, just a quick list to update you all on some of the plans,
list is Not in order :p

1: Donations :
i'll be looking into paypal donations sometime this week for those that are interested.

2:Advertising :
starting next month we'll start advertising the server again to get in new blood 8)

3:Tokens :
Tokens from Beardedcraft are Likely to return,
not sure yet what rewards we'll add

4:Birthday Rewards :
a birthday is always something special and deserves a gift 8)
so if it's your birthday you can choose 1 Gift for yourself.

5:Plugins :
adding Bridges/Gates and Elevators (atleast) (probably a Vip and Builder only permission)

6:Hard Mode event
we'll probably do the event not This weekend, but the weekend after that,
so possibly from friday 27th to sunday the 29th

7:No Health Regen event :
no date planned yet.

i'm gonna look into the disguise configs to see what kind of fun things are in there for vip's to enjoy,
perhaps nothing can be added, but we'll see 8)

k that was all for now guys,
ofcourse if you have any cool ideas yourself,
feel free to start a forum topic about it,
or you can also send me a pm on the forum here,
then who knows, your event might be added 8)

o/ greetzzz IDwLoD

o/ yo yo guys
time for another update 8)

as most of you probably noticed we are currently using the Multiverse Plugin
so we now have a Creative World for you to toy around in,
and a pvp world to live the dangerous life 8)

the Creative world :
this world has a square border wich is set to 3000,
so that means from the centre spawn location 3000 blocks in all directions,
there are some basic plots around the centre area, But you don't Have to use those,
it's free to build, so you can go where ever you want to let your creative ideas take shape 8)

Note : you Do have to be Trusted Rank (or up) before you can build there (to avoid random members coming in there and destroying everything)
mind you : Griefing is Still Not allowed, doesn't matter if it's in the normal overworld, or in creative,
further more, it's totally fine if you want to test our redstone contraptions there,
But.... please make sure that it's not a Laggy contraption, and after you are done testing i would appreciate it if you Remove the redstone contraption
cause this world is more for Building creative, and not for redstone tests.
also, any laggy redstone devices will be removed by staff.

now on to the PvP world :
again this region is Only open for Trusted Ranks and Up.
the pvp world has a border of 2000 blocks,
Anything goes in this region : pvp is allowed Anywhere in this world and Raiding is allowed aswell,

Note : yes technically Griefing is allowed aswell,
BUT..... i'm 100% sure you won't be respected for it if you just come into that world to grief somebody and then to never return
personally if you would do that to me, i would Hunt you Down in the overworld (in pvp arena's) and get some sweet revenge :p
so yes : pvp and Raiding is allowed, but i would Not suggest only going in there to grief,
this is more of a world for people who want to fight each other in groups (sort of factions < but without the plugin)

Now cause we created 2 New worlds we are getting a Higher Ram usage on the server,
so after the plugin was installed we upgraded the server to a 3gb ram package,
and the plan is when 1.7 is released that we'll upgrade to the 4gb ram package,

so yeah that's the update for this week
hope you will all enjoy yourself in the 2 new worlds 8)
o/ Greetzzz

BeardedCraft Server / Live To Craft V1.1 update and Dragon Kill Event
« on: September 11, 2013, 07:53:14 pm »
o/ guys,

well looks like the transfer went great 8)
we only have a few cases of people that had their balance reset,
i think it might have to do with flawed player.yml files that had no balance in them.
so sorry to say i can't give those players their money back since i can't check how much they had,
but that's np i hope, since the server shops will be up and running in a few days again 8)

now as for the server,
it appears the first day we transfered there was a bit of a high cpu and ram usage on the server,
i expect that this is because quite a lot of people where all exploring new chunks including in the nether,
but from what i noticed today it has settled down a lot, the server has been running around 25 to 35% ram usage, and around 20% cpu usage
so it's running like a charm from what i can tell,
i'll also make sure to upgrade the server package from 2 to 3gb in the near future,

now next, The Dragon Kill event 8)
was thinking we should get this over with quick :p
so upcoming Saturday and Sunday we'll be killing the dragons
and yes we'll be killing 2 dragons 8)
1 dragon egg will go to dazerk's spawn town,
and the other dragon egg will go to my spawn town,

now no worries there is something nice here for you guys 8)
all players that have joined will receive a dragon Head with a lore on it (if the lore is possible <i have to look into that)
and there will be options for you aswell to get your Very own dragon egg in the future,
updates on that will follow at a later date :p

the dragon kill event will be help on Saturday 14th and Sunday the 15th,
and around these times :
5pm to 6pm for the USA (give or take an hour or 2 depending where you are located)
and 12pm to 1am for the EU

Hope to see you all there 8)
o/ Greetzzz

BeardedCraft Server / LTC Server Change!
« on: September 02, 2013, 01:07:37 pm »
o/ guys,

As you've hopefully read on the forums when the server just started,
we're running 2 servers atm,
and that i want the best preformance from the server providers we can get,
now mcprohosting that we're on isn't really operating to my liking,
random lag spikes, occasional crashes and server disconnects,
and it's always running at 100% cpu and ram use, even if only 1 player is online.

so we are going to switch the server in 1 week or so.

now probably the shocker for you guys,
the current server we are playing on was just opened up Very fast just to get the players to play again with the community,
it also acted as a test ground to figure out all the plugins and details, and to add the features we had on Bearded Craft aswell.
so everything was thrown together including the map.

so now i hope you'll forgive me for this, but for the new server we will be using a New map (Shocker huh)
so yes you will loose the builds you have at the moment.
but then again it's only been a week or 2 since we started the server, so not much is lost.

now away with the bad news and on to the good news 8)
the new map will be Kept for a Long time,
i'll make sure to backup the map Often so we'll carry that over whatever happends in the future,

the new server is as good as set up with all plugins and features we have on the current server,
so from the day that you'll transfer your rank will be what you where right now, kits are also included,

now when we do the transfer your player.dat file will be moved over aswell,
this means : your Balance / Enderchest and Player Inventory will be kept on the switch,
so on the day that we transfer make sure that you have All Items you want to move over to the new server in your Enderchest and player inventory,
you can bring your Enderchest full of items, and 1 Full player inventory.
All Items are allowed to be moved over (kit contents, spawners, building materials, Anything)

also as a player asked : if you have so much items that you want to bring but it's more then can fit in your enderchest and inventory,
then you Are Allowed to ask other players or use an alt account, if they can hold on to Other items for you,
make sure you Trust them though, so your items will not be stolen.

now as a small secret for the new map,
all players and ranks can Claim a "1 Time Only" special kit when joining the new server,
as a compensation for the map reset 8)
contents will remaing a secret untill the day we switched :P

again guys i hope you'll forgive me for this 8)
but i promise you: this will be the last reset for a VERY Long time,

now as a final note :
the server switch will be made on : Monday September 9th
feel free to add the server IP adress to your Multiplayer server List already : server IP is :
it is whitelisted for now, and will be Opened up on Monday the 9th.

So k guys, start preparing for the switch,
fill your enderchests with valuables, and don't forget to fill your Player inventory aswell Before Monday,
it would be best if you put everything in your personal inventory on Sunday late in the day.

k guys, on to the real new future of LTC 8)
i hope you will all be a part of it, and that we'll get a lot more fun new members to join as aswell 8)

o/ Greetzzz

BeardedCraft Server / Live To Craft - Ranks/Kits and plugins update
« on: September 02, 2013, 12:53:59 pm »
o/ hey guys,
it's time for another update on the server

the Lottery has returned,
you can now buy 3 tickets for 100$
the lottery is drawn every 3 hours
*Draw Timer might be changed in the future*

Player and Mob head drops are back aswell,
you can get Player heads from killing players in PvP
and mob heads by just killing them :P

also New Ranks and Kits have been added
the new ranks are :
Builder < they get /kit Builder,
Redstoner < they get /kit Redstone,
Assistant < no additional kits atm.
and a Secret kit :p

Now how do you earn these ranks?
to become a Builder: make some cool builds and show it to staff members,
make sure it's impressive and has a nice amount of details,
so Square/box shaped buildings and builds that are only made out of wood planks or stone bricks don't count.

to become a Redstoner: make some impressive and Functional redstone contraptions and show it to staff members,
try to incorperate it into your builds to add to it's function,
so singled out redstone contraptions don't really count, since it's easy to do in an open space.

now the Assistant rank,
this rank is to aid the players when there's no staff online,
and will act as damage control to keep the server in order,
they will get access to : mute / jail and instant teleport,
this rank will be assigned to specific players when we are in need of additional help when we're starting to advertise the server again.

so good luck to all, and go make some Cool things if you want these ranks 8)
o/ Greetzzz

BeardedCraft General / Re: It's been fun.
« on: August 31, 2013, 07:32:40 pm »

yeah it's a shame for sure you and nxck pretty much stop playing 8(
but ow well, life goes on,
don't be a stranger and pop in every now and then,
i'm sure a lot of players will really like that 8)

o/ take care,
greetzzz IDwLoD

BeardedCraft General / Re: Donator List
« on: August 27, 2013, 06:35:13 pm »
so you donated huh pandagamer ?
that's a surpise since we closed the donation link for now
so to where or to who did you donate ? please click my name > send personal msg, and send me the Link that you used

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