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Forum Support / Re: New name poll broken
« on: July 02, 2017, 09:39:00 pm »
I have no idea why that would happen tbh, you seem to have all the necessary permissions, no bans or anything like that (as far as I can tell). I'll see with another donator (when there's one around) if it's related to the rank, which it shouldn't. If you have any idea why that could happen (is there a reason why admins could've blocked you from using polls?), tell me and I'll take a closer look, but as far as I can tell, everything should be set up right.

BeardedCraft Server / New Name?
« on: June 30, 2017, 11:55:39 pm »
We need more players, don't we? I mean, the server is pretty much always either empty or with just a handful of players.
Advertising sounds good on paper, but in practice, it really doesn't do much when there are hundred of other servers also advertising.
We need to stand out more, and that's where YOU come in.

First of all, we could use a new name, really.
"Live To Craft". Does this sound attractive?
Anyway, there's a poll for you to give an answer.
Feel free to reply with a better name, and I'll add it to the poll (if I can).

Then, we could probably use a better banner.
Atm, I'm using this :
It kinda works, but it could definitly be much better, like all animated and fancy and whatever.
I'm no designer, yall can probably tell, but if YOU are, I'll be more than happy to take suggestions for better banners!

Also, how should we describe ourselves?
We're a pretty old server with a nice community, playing survival together with a bunch of fun plugins, sure, but that doesn't really sound all that appealing.
Like I said, we need to stand out! :P
Got ideas for things to add, or for ways to describe the server? I'm interested to hear them.
Just... I'm not gonna turn the server into a minigame server. We're survival and we shall stay this way.
A few minigames on the side is nice, but it shouldn't be the main focus.

Thanks for your input. I'm hoping to get a good player feedback before I post too many ads out there ;)

Ban Appeals / Re: I'm sorry, its been a while
« on: May 23, 2017, 10:11:16 am »
It's alright, I got it already ;)

BeardedCraft Server / LTC 1.8-1.10 Backup Up on the Test Server!
« on: March 04, 2017, 12:23:56 pm »
LTC 1.8-1.10 Backup Up on the Test Server!
IP :

After a long long time (nearly 2 months), I've finally got the previous map back up and working on the Test Server,
for yall to get your memory items back and brought over to the new server.
As far as I can tell, it should be an exact copy of what the server was before the update.
There may be lag, since the test server doesn't have a lot of memory.
(And it takes a long long time to boot, if nobody is on it. Again, it doesn't have much memory)

What you can bring :

  • Event Items
    This includes Dragon Fights, Unique kits (Nostalgia, Classy, etc), Buildoff, Competitions, Christmas, Easter, etc.
  • 1 tool OR weapon OR armor piece of your choice
  • Player heads of inactive players
    A player is considered inactive if their /seen is over 1 year
  • A personal banner
Keep in mind that Custom Enchants will NOT work
Also, do NOT keep that stuff in your personal inventory or in your enderchest.

How :
Find a good spot in your base to place a double chest.
Place all the items that you wish to keep inside it.
If it is not obvious why some items are there, you may use a sign or a book to justify their presence
Ex. Your Christmas gift
When you're done, mail me (Dorion) with the coords of the chest, the world it is in and anything you think I may want to know.
/mail send Dorion 2000, 54, -2000, normal world
I'll make a copy of the chest in the warehouse, filter out disallowed items (and tell you about them), and periodically copy it over to the new world
probably around once a week for the first couple weeks.

Base Download :
For those who REALLY want to, I can also provide you with a download link containing the few .mca files that contain your base.
(Minecraft saves the world in a bunch of files, storing regions of 32x32 chunks each. Downloading and using those is by far the easiest way to move big regions.)
(However, 32x32 chunks is a very big area, and you may end up with the base of multiple other players if you live in a crowded area)
You may ONLY download a region if you own a part of it, or if you have explicit permission from the owner.
If you live close to someone else's base, I may remove it from your personal download.

How to use that download :
First of all...
Mail me with the location of your base and ask for a download link
Keep the coords of your base handy, they'll be useful later.
I'll get around to saving it whenever I have the time and feel like it
(it's more of a pain than it seems, really. I'll try to get to it at least every weekend for the first few weeks)
Once I've contacted you with a download link...
Start Minecraft in 1.10
Not 1.11 or anything else, 1.10
Create a new singleplayer creative world with the following seed : -2048976883. Make sure that cheats are enabled.
If your base was in amplified, make sure that "World Type" is set to "Amplified", and the seed for that world is -936466802
Generate the world.
You should appear on a forest island in the middle of an ocean. If that's not what you see, you did something wrong.
... or if you're in amped, it should look like the real amped spawn.
Use /tp <your name> <coordinates of your base> to go to where your base would be. The terrain should look as it was before you built anything.
Ex. /tp Dorion 100 64 -200
Close minecraft
Seriously, close it completely. You may crash or corrupt the world if you don't.
Go in your .minecraft folder.
The new launcher gives a pretty easy way to get there. Go in "Launch options", click on your 1.10 profile, then click on the green arrow to the right of "Game Directory"
Go in the "saves" folder, and find the new LTC world you just created.
Go in its "region" folder.
You should see a bunch of .mca files, named r.#.#.mca (where # are numbers)
Make sure (again) that you're in the right world's folder, as the following will override parts of the world
It would suck to override something you didn't really want to override, wouldn't it?
Download the files I sent you (if you haven't already) and copy them in the folder with all the .mca files
If you teleported to the right area earlier, it should ask to override some files. Accept.
Go back in the world. Your build should be there, at the coordinates that it is on the server. Enjoy!
This does not include your own personal inventory. If you want to get those items back... well you're in creative with cheat enabled.

Ranks / Builder, Redstoner, Pixel Artist and Specialist Applications
« on: September 08, 2016, 10:06:52 pm »
Builder|Redstoner|Pixel Artist|Specialist

What are they?

The Builder, Redstoner, Pixel Artist and Specialist ranks are ranks that reward a player for their skills and shows their interest in a specific part of the game.
Builder is aimed for players who like making good-looking, refined, well-researched and original buildings, and who are good at it.
Redstoner is aimed for players who can make things work with redstone, who understand the fundamentals and who enjoy making original contraptions and integrating them into builds.
Pixel Artist is aimed for those who like to make art with blocks (pictures (with depth), statues, etc) and who are good at it.
Specialist is aimed for all those who excel at something, but don't fit in the above ranks. Decorators, Terraformers, Minigame-makers, etc could fit in this rank.

If you ever manage to get 2 or more of those ranks, you will then receive the Multi rank.

How do I get them?

These ranks are meant to be quite hard to get. They should show that you excel at doing something, and that you enjoy doing it.
For instance, an ideal builder-rank would be very good at building, and would enjoy spending a lot of their time building :P.

Build counts

Of course, if you want a rank showing that you're good at something, you gotta show it first, eh? :P

In general, you'll need at least 3 good builds to show that you're good at something.
However, for the most talented of you, 2 very good builds, or sometimes even one very complete and impressive one can be enough to show your skills.

You may use the creative world for your builds. However, keep in mind that it is harder to impress people in a creative world than in a survival world.
Also, all criterias apply in the creative world too. So if you're going for redstoner, you MUST integrate it in a build (so no floaty redstone).


It is sometimes very hard to separate good builds from not-so-good ones.
However, if I were to generalize, here are a few criterias that could hint if your good is complete or not.
Of course, it is not because you follow all the criterias that your build is necessarily good. But it means that you at least know a bit what you're doing.


- Material Choices
All the materials used in your build should go well together, match a certain style, etc.

- Originality
Does your build stand out at all or is it just the typical minecraft build we see everyday? Try to make it unique!

- Depth and Shape
Are your walls flat and all square? What if you altered the shape a bit and made it curved, with parts that stand out and others deeper in the wall?

- Level of Details
Do you have big empty spots in your walls? Is your roof just a generic triangle-shaped roof? Put some extra attention to details, like lighting effects and vegetation.

- No Patterns
Although patterns are good for making builds quickly and effectively, they're highly discouraged for the Builder rank.
Try to break the monotony and repeating pattern with some shape alternation or different details.

- Textures
Textures are a good way to make your own material in the game, and to show that you know how to use blocks properly. Mixing bricks and hard clay, for instance, can make for a nice worn-out brick texture. Mixing full blocks with stairs and slabs, or mixing the dirt and wood in the ground can make for a good worn-out path. Come up with your own textures for your builds to make it look more professional.
Keep in mind that most players will use the default texture pack when looking at your builds, so make sure they look decent with it.


- Functionality
You should have a clear goal for a specific redstone contraption, and achieve that goal. An automatic light system should control lights after all, right?

- Originality
Like for every other rank, originality is key. If everyone has already seen your contraption in 20 other bases, it's not very impressive, is it?
Let's also put some attention on the originality of the redstone behind the scenes. If you came up with a very original way to do something, show it!
A combo lock isn't very impressive, but a bow-and-arrow-based combo lock is a step forward. What if you even used boats instead of buttons? :P

- Looks
It's very easy to make a redstone contraption in mid-air in creative. It's a lot harder to make it look good and integrate it in a build.
That's why all your redstone contraptions MUST be well integrated in a building of some sort and look at least decent. The User Interface (UI) is what most people will look at after all.

- Complexity
An automatic light system might look fancy sometimes, but it's just a matter of connecting a bunch of lamps together, everyone can do that.
Add some logic in your contraptions. Show that you can make some cool stuff with redstone. Logic gates, pulse modifiers, memory, you name it!

You have no idea what I just said?

Of course, I'm not expecting a damn computer from every redstoner, but I'm also expecting more than just a few automated farms and 2x2 doors...

Pixel Artist

- Distinguishability
What you made must be recognizable. If you wanted to make a huge carnivorous plant, make it look like a huge carnivorous plant :P

- Originality
Avoid stereotypes and things that everyone does. It's very easy to copy a picture block by block. Make your things unique and complex.

- Depth
Depth is probably the most efficient way to add details to your art without making it stupidly huge. Making complete 3D statues is even better in terms of depth.
If you're building a statue, however, try to make it look good from all angles. If what you're building should be viewed from a single angle, make it so we can only see from that angle.

- Details
Attention to details is very important to make your art look better. A 2x2 square of quartz might look fine for your eyes, but mixing in stairs with blocks behind, and making it curve with the rest of the face can make it look 10 times better.

- Looks
This rank is all about making things look good.... that's all I have to say :P


We can't really give specific criterias for this rank, since it includes all kinds of things.
However, if you wanna know if you're on the right track, look at the above criterias for the other ranks. Some may apply for you, some others may not.
Use common sense and make the best you can.


Note: You may only apply once a month

Once that your builds are made, that you have verified all the criterias above and you judge that your builds are ready to be judged, it's time for you to post an application on the forums!
Simply create a new post on the "Ranks" board, and fill in this list.
You may copy/paste it and answer between the lines :P.
(Tip: A good-looking application might be more attractive for voters, keep that in mind ;))

- The title must follow the format
"[Your IGN] - [Rank] Application"
Ex: Dorion - Redstoner Application

The post must include...

- Your IGN
- The rank you're going for

- Screenshot of your builds (from a few angles ideally)
- Quick description of them
- If you're going for redstoner, a brief explanation of how it works behind the scenes and screenshots of some key redstone parts

For your screenshots, use a third-party website (such as, and make an album if possible.


You may raise attention that you're going for a rank and need to be judged.
However, you may NOT ask individual players and/or spam players to go see your builds.

To get the rank, the majority of Trusted+ judges must approve of your builds (by replying on your application and saying that they approve).
Furthermore, 3 of said judges must have an endgame rank (Builder, Staffs, etc)

If your builds are all in the same general area, we may also set a /warp there, to make judging easier.
Otherwise, you're responsible for giving a way for players to go check your build ingame.

If you're judging and don't know what to do, simply check the criterias above.
Keep your criticism constructive and avoid insults at all cost.

What do they get?

Not only do these ranks show that you excel at doing your things, but they are also now a way to get Legend perks!

They get:
- All of Legends perks
- Access to their rank-specific /kit
- A fancy-colored nickname
- A lot of credibility on the server

This last point is also why we (or at least I) generally avoid making more than a handful of active players the same rank at once.
Being Builder isn't a norm, it's a way to show your skills.

Ranks / Town Owner & Town Owner Applications
« on: September 08, 2016, 12:36:54 am »
*Town Owner

What is it?

*Town Owner is the rank given to... Town Owners!
It gives some basic control to town mayors over their town and plots.
It is a Dynamic Rank, meaning that you don't get to keep it if you no longer match the criterias.
(If your town gets deserted, if you go inactive for too long, if the map resets, etc)

How do I get it?

*Town Owner is arguably the most difficult rank to get.
To get it, you must post your application (new post on the "Ranks" board) that answers all the following questions.
You must only reply post an application once your town is ready and matches all the requirements. Denied requests will be deleted.


User Requirements

- You must be Trusted rank of above
- You must own a valid town (see below)
- You must have Staff Approval (after you applied)

Since this rank gives a LOT of power, only the most trustworthy players will be allowed to get the whole rank.
If we do not fully trust your intentions, you may only be allowed a limited version of the rank.

Town Requirements

- Must have at least 2 active members (Owner excluded)
- Must have a backup owner (In case you ever go missing, this person will be in charge, so choose wisely)
- Must offer at least 3 services and/or attractions (Minigames, shops, farms, etc)
- Must have clear instructions as to who owns what, town-specific rules, etc
- Must have a beautiful, polished and attractive /warp location
- Must have plots and/or land for expansion, for players to build on
- Must be ORGANISED (Good road system, districts, etc)
- Must provide some basic infrastructure and safety (Light, mob-free areas, fencing, etc)

But that's all pretty easy to achieve. Here's the hard part

- Your town must have Builder Approval (so that the foundations of the town are great)
See Judging section
- Your town must be original


Note: You may only apply once a month

If you think that your town fits all the above requirements, then you're ready to fill in the application below.
Simply create a new post on the "Ranks" board, and fill in this list.
You may copy/paste it and answer between the lines :P.
(Tip: A good-looking application might be more attractive for voters, keep that in mind ;))

- The title must follow the format
"[Your IGN] - Town Owner Application"
Ex: Dorion - Town Owner Application

Your post must include...

- Your IGN
- The name of your town
- The warp name (and location) that you wish to get (You may show that to a staff ingame, or provide coordinates)
- The goal of your town (is it for new players? to play with your friends? just to have fun?)

- What services does your town provide?
- Are there administrative buildings? (Court, Town Hall, Jail, etc)
- How is your town organised? (Plots? Districts? Free build?)
- How can a new player get into your town?

- What is the style of your town? (Modern? Medieval? Whatever looks good? :P)
- Who is part of your town already?
- How many players are you aiming for?

You may also include any information that you think could make you (and your town) a good candidate for the Town Owner rank.
It's also recommended to provide screenshots, to make it more appealing and easier to judge.
Use a third-party website to upload pictures, and give the link.


You may raise attention that you're going for town owner and need to be judged.
However, you may NOT beg or spam players to go see your town.

Once your application is filled, a /warp will be set at the location specified to make it easier for players to go around and judge your town.
To get the rank, the majority of Trusted+ visitors must approve of your town (by replying on your application and saying that they approve).
Furthermore, 3 of said visitors must have an endgame rank (Builder, Staffs, etc)

If you are a visitor and don't know what to check, here are a few key points.
- Would you live in this town? If not, why? Be constructive and avoid insults :P
- Does the town look appealing?
- Does (should) it fit a theme?
- Does it look messy and/or disorganised?
- Is it easy to go around and get things done?
- Are there good reasons to go in that town?

If you're an endgame-ranked visitor, please pay special attention to the quality of builds, material choices, research in shapes, etc.
Again, Be Constructive And Helpful.
If the town sucks, show why, and how you would fix it.
(And don't say that it sucks, euphemisms are your friend ;))

What do they get?

As stated above, the *Town Owner comes with great power and responsabilities.
It is remarkable by the blue * star next to your name.

- All of Legend perks
- Access to some basic protections commands, to create plots
- Access to some AreaShop commands, to create buyable and sellable plots
- A warp to their town
- A single [repair] sign (pay to use)
- A single [heal] sign (pay to use)

Here's how they work a little more in depth

IMPORTANT: Avoid having players in your main protection. They will have access to everything. When possible, make new regions and add necessary players to them.
All these commands will only work within your town's main protection.

Get a wooden axe (//wand) and select 2 opposite corners of the region you wish to create. That also includes the height.
If you're not familiar with WorldEdit, look up some tutorials on how to select an area with WorldEdit.
If you ARE familiar with WorldEdit, you also have access to commands such as //expand, //shift, //pos1|2, etc

To create a plot...
Use /rg claim [YourTownName_RegionName_Number] [Your IGN]
Ex: /rg claim DoriTown_ShopPlot_1 Dorion
Note: Your region name MUST start with your town's name, followed by an '_'.
It's a good practice to always put a number after your region name, to avoid naming conflicts later.

If you want to get information on your plot
Use /rg info [Your new plot's name]
or stand in your plot and use /rg info
Ex: /rg info DoriTown_ShopPlot_1

If you want to delete a plot
Use /rg remove [Your new plot's name]
Ex: /rg remove DoriTown_ShopPlot_1
This can NOT be undone

If you want your plot to inherit from your town's main region (Get all its members, flags, etc)
Use /rg setparent [Your new plot's name] [Your main town protection name]
Ex: /rg setparent DoriTown_ShopPlot_1 DoriTown
If you have members in your towns, they will also be members of the child region

If you want your plot to override the town's main region's properties (i.e. you want only You and nobody else allowed in the protection)
Use /rg setpriority [Your new plot's name] [A number higher than 0]
Ex: /rg setpriority DoriTown_ShopPlot_1 5

If you want to add owners to your plot
Use /rg addowner [Your new plot's name] [New owner's IGNs]
Ex: /rg addowner DoriTown_ShopPlot_1 MissPan
Plot owners can add new members to their plots. Use this carefully.

If you want to add members to your plot
Use /rg addmember [Your new plot's name] [New member's IGN]
Ex: /rg addmember DoriTown_ShopPlot_1 MissPan

/rg remmember and /rg remowner work just like /rg addmember and /rg addowner, but to remove members or owners.


To put a region for sale, grab a sign and place it down somewhere.

Type in the following:
[buy] (with the [])
<Your region's name> (/rg info)
<The cost> (with no $ sign or anything)
(Leave the last line blank)


To put a region for rent, place a sign and type in the following:

[rent] (with the [])
<Your region's name> (/rg info)
<The length of renting> (1s, 5m, 10h, 20d, 2w, 1M, 3y)
<The cost> (with no $ sign)


Watch out for the sign text length limit.
If it says that you are not the landlord, make sure that you are an owner of the region you're trying to sell/rent.
If your name is listed as "name:IGN", then add yourself again as an owner (/rg addowner ...)

To remove a rentable or buyable plot, use
/as del [your region's name]

To unrent a plot, use
/as unrent [Your region's name]

To sell (unbuy) a plot, use
/as sell [Your region's name]

If you have any questions, or ask a staff ingame.
This is all pretty new, so if they don't know, it's no big deal :P.

I think that should cover mostly everything. Thanks for reading! :P

Ranks / VIP & Donation Thread
« on: September 06, 2016, 06:28:10 pm »

What is it?

If you enjoy playing on the server so much that you feel like helping us keeping it up financially, this rank is for you!
$VIP is the rank given to donators, old or new, that will follow them forever after a donation of at least $10 (USD)

How do I get it?

<<Donation section incoming, once I talk with ID about it ;)>>

What do they get?

With the updated EULA and its enforcement, the $VIP rank can't have the perks that it used to D:

But of course, we still want a good way to reward them when they help us out.

So, to reward you for your donation, you get the $VIP rank.
This rank will follow you no matter what you do, even if you get more ranks.
It's remarkable by the green $ appearing next to your name.

The $VIP ranks comes with a bunch of cosmetic perks that let you fool around and look fancy ;)

- Pretty much all pet types (for MyPet)
- Pretty much every disguises
- /rename, which lets you rename your items with colors and symbols

For now, that's all we can give. However, if you have other ideas that don't give an ingame advantage (in order to keep it legal), feel free to post it in the
"LTC 1.10-1.11 Update - Pt.1" topic -

Also, with your donation, you may give some special perks for Everyone for some time!

First of all, all players will get access to /fly for a week.

Then, you can choose to unlock one of these perks for everyone for 2 weeks
 - A sign in spawn that gives an infinite-duration potion effect for whoever clicks it (has to be reasonable)
 - Money buff from mob kills (3x more) for everyone
 - Access to an extra kit from a list
 - Event hosted (UHC, Dragon fight, Treasure hunt, Silvermine, etc)
(Got some ideas? Leave them in the "LTC 1.10-1.11 Update - Pt.1" topic -

Of course, some events might not really be applicable for a 2 week duration, but if you have any other idea that you'd like to see happen, you can always tell us with your donation and we'll see what we can do.
Keep in mind that it has to be available and benefit everyone.

Once the buff is in effect, an auto announcement will be up to publicly announce your donation and what you decided to let everyone have :P
If you wanna be creative with that message, leave it down here with your IGN (and a way for me to know if you really donated), and we'll see what we can do.

And finally. Thanks for your help  ;)

Ranks / Legend & Legend Whitelisting Thread
« on: September 06, 2016, 05:42:17 pm »

What is it?

Legend is a rank based on what the old $VIP rank used to be.
Its purpose it to reward old players and old supporters by allowing them some tools that makes life a bit easier and more enjoyable.

How do I get it?

In order to be a Legend, you have to satisfy at least one of these conditions
 - Be a pre-EULA-update donator
 - Have a forums account that is at least 2 years old

Also, end-game ranks (Builders, Redstoners, Pixel Artists, Specialists and Town Owners) all get Legend perks as well.

If you are an old player with a 2 years-old forums account, please reply to this thread with your IGN. If you are an old donator, you're most likely already promoted to Legend.
If you are an old player but do not own a forums account, talk to me (Dorion) ingame and we'll see if we can come up with something for you :P.

What do they get?

If you're familiar with what the pre-EULA-update $VIP rank used to be, you're already familiar with most of the perks.
However, some things have changed, and some things WILL change in the near-ish future, in the upcoming update.
Anyway, here's a list that sums up most of it.

- All of Trusted perks
- /fly (in protected regions)
- /feed
- /endercheat
- /craft
- 15 /homes
- Keep exp on death
- /kit Legend (it's what /kit VIP used to be)
- Nearly every pet type.

Ranks / LTC 1.10-1.11 Update - Pt.1
« on: September 05, 2016, 01:44:54 pm »
Welcome to a New Era of Live To Craft
Live To Craft? I never liked that name... If you have a better idea, throw it down in the comments :D

As it's been known, I'm the new Head Administrator of LTC, and I'll try to be just as good as Nxck and Nick at this job.
But LTC is not what a single person decides of it, it's most importantly a community, and I'll try to make that aspect as important as it should be.

If you've been on the server recently while I was also around, you might have seen me ask various questions about the future of the server to our most active members.
With their help, I've made a list of things that are bound to change in the nearby future, some of which have already changed.
If you have other suggestions that you wish to express, feel free to comment this post, or to PM me or any staff (or anyone really) and get their view on it.

Anyway, here's a brief changelog, I'll go into more details on certain aspects in a different post at a later date.


*Town Owner
this color is for multis, town owners are very light blue

The Town Owner rank is arguably the most difficult and time consuming rank to get.
It's a rank made to give more power to town owners (duh), by letting them set up their own basic protections, rentable and buyable plots, etc.
This rank also inherits from Legend, which I'll explain in more details later in this post.
It is a DYNAMIC RANK, meaning that it is not connected to your account in any way, and you can lose it at any point if you don't match the criterias anymore.
This also means that you can be both Town Owner and Builder, for example.
Players with the Town Owner rank get a light blue star (*) next to their nickname in game.

If you wish to get more information on how to get this rank, and what are the perks associated with it, please check out the Town Owner post, in the Ranks section of the forums.

The real color is gray, but that's unreadable on the forums

VIPs have always been an important part of LTC, but with all the recent drama around the EULA, that rank has been bringing more and more trouble...
Recent? Who am I kidding, it's been 2 years damnit
The Legend rank is essentially a replacement for what VIPs used to get, meaning that old donators can keep most of their perks.
It is also a rank that will be given to the older members of our community.
Builders, Redstoners, Pixel Artists, Specialists and Town Owners inherit from Legend, meaning that they also get those perks that everyone's been wanting for so long.

In order to get this rank, you have to either be a pre-EULA VIP (in which case you already are a $Legend), or a player whose Forums account is older than 2 years old.
Why am I checking the date of the forums account you might ask?
It simply is the most precise date measurement that we have access to, and means that you've likely been an active member of the community for at least around 2 years.
If you're one of the less lucky old members that do not own a forums account... Come see me ingame and we'll see what we can do :P.
Finally, you can bypass those conditions by getting one of the ranks mentioned above, which inherit from Legends anyway.

For more information about this rank, check the Legend post in the ranks section of the forums.

No, that's not the admin color.

But now that all old $VIPs are $Legends, what happens with the real $VIP rank?

Well, in order to enable donations again, we have to make it so that you don't get any ingame advantage from donating, meaning that things like /fly, /feed, /repair or even just having more /homes can't be given for a donation.. :(
However, we can let Everyone have an ingame perk for a little while when we get a donation ;).
So, the $VIP rank is now a lot more community-oriented.

Not only will you be able to look fancy with a bunch of cosmetic perks, but you can also bring a global buff for the server for a certain time!
Here's a quick list of things that you'd be able to unlock for some time after donating.
Of course, if you have a better idea in mind, let us know and we might add it if it's a good idea :P
.. and I also have some other things in mind, but I'll wait to see if it's even possible before I talk about it >:D

- /fly for everyone
- Global potion effect for everyone
- Global money buff from mobs for everyone
- Daily (or weekly) kit for everyone
- Event hosted (UHC, Dragon fight, Treasure hunt, etc)
- .. or anything that could be enjoyable and would benefit everyone :D

And that's without saying that you help us keep the server online with the least lag possible, which we're all very thankful for!

For more information about this rank, check the VIP post on the forums.


Live To Craft currently has a LOT of plugins, most of which are barely used, broken or mostly disabled. It's time to clean this up. And that's where I need your opinion :D

The thing that gives /rlt go, and the random tp signs in spawn

This plugin essentially acts as a replacement for what /warp wild used to be, to avoid having a cluttered mess.
However, it very often sends players in the same general area, where a lot of other players have already been.
Is it worth keeping, should we go back to /warp wild (and maybe /warp wild-north, /warp wild-south, etc), or should we just increase its range?


This plugin adds a bunch of fancy enchantements to various items in minecraft, rune crafting (to add those enchants to your items), and some custom items.
For instance, it adds Haste picks, Jump boost boots, Night vision helmets, Freezing swords, etc.
However, in order to keep things semi-balanced in a survival server, most of the plugin has been disabled, and it still makes surviving extremely easy.
Should it stay on LTC? Should some parts stay and some others be disabled? Should it only be used for custom events and not be part of survival?

Tameable zombies and chicken!

MyPet allows you to catch and train various mobs and animals to help you out in your survival experience.
It's been on LTC for quite some time, but it also makes a lot of people join LTC only for its presence, and then leave because of how limited it is.
It is also mostly only used by new members, and quickly abandoned once they're decently geared.
Do you think MyPet should stay on LTC? If not, would you change something about it?

Skyblock, and other minigames

LTC/BC/SC has always mainly been a survival server, and I think that's what it should stay focused on.
Of course, having minigames can bring some fun, but such minigames are usually only used for a couple days before being completely ignored and/or forgotten.
Then, much like with MyPet, new players join because they see that we have, for instance, Prop Hunt, and leave disappointed.
Should we even bother having minigames while some other servers specialize into hosting minigames?

Please leave your opinion on those plugins below, or any other plugin that you feel should change.
Remember to keep your comments civilized, everyone can have their opinion and you're free to disagree, but insulting or attacking other players will only bring you trouble.

Once I get a good view on what yall want to see with LTC, I'll make a new post about "What to expect in the near future".

I love how he specified "Modifications" and you still gave him the list of staffs xD

If you only want the skeleton to shoot players from an enclosed area, and never actually be killed, you can always just rename a few skeletons with a nametag and ensure that they cannot suffocate or burn in the sunlight. In theory they shouldn't ever disappear then.

BeardedCraft General / Re: Giving away property
« on: November 19, 2015, 09:17:38 pm »
I see. Guess Nick will be quite a bit pissed about that, but it's your decision. I'll add Ash as an owner. If you ever get unbanned for whatever reason, you'll still have complete ownership on that village and the right to kick that Ash dude out of there.

BeardedCraft General / Re: Giving away property
« on: November 19, 2015, 09:15:12 pm »
But weren't you and Nick co-owning that village? Then shouldn't the rights (and the decision about that Ash guy) concern him too?

Ban Appeals / Re: RuthlessFury's ban Appeal
« on: July 23, 2015, 01:53:55 pm »
It is a second chance in the way that you could've easily been banned, but we were nice enough to let you still play as you seemed like a nice player and all that. Using xray even after being warned of not using hacks, such as fly, clearly shows me that you don't care and you don't wanna follow the rules, especially with your reaction when I was about to ban you. I could talk about it to other staffs, but I'm sure most of them will agree.

BeardedCraft General / Re: Buildoff
« on: February 16, 2015, 08:24:44 am »
Week 5-6 Winners!

First Place = supersoupcan (2 votes)
Second Place = Somebody4 (1.5 votes)
Third Place = MissPan (1 votes)

Well, after all this time, we finally have enough votes to at least determine winners.

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