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BeardedCraft Server / Genius At Work.
« on: August 23, 2016, 03:19:43 pm »
o/ yo yo guys,

tried thinking of some fun/interresting way to tell you guys, but guess the title is the best i could come up with :p

anyway, it's been.... what... 3+ years for LTC?
But....slowly but surely i started loosing grip on the server:
unable to fix/repair several issues with plugins that we were using,
often not understanding the more complex plugins in general,
first spree of advertising that didn't really seem to have the desired effect i was hoping for,

and ofcourse, real life stuffs :)
all together this was causing quite some stress for me,
i really want(ed) to work on the server, but sorry to say guess i got rather demotivated cause of my lack of understanding of server related things,

it's time to pass on the OP/Nxck stick and let somebody else have a crack at it 8)
ladies and gentleman, boys and girls (and sloths)
please put your hands together for the Einstein of our server, the guy that dreams about command block and C++,
Your New supreme overlord : Dorion 8)

well that wasn't to bad i think huh :p
so yeah, from this time on, Dorion will be running the show 8)
i will keep the server running with the payments etc, but dorion will be in charge on changes and additions to the server,
so whatever he wants to change, he can change, so support him with his ideas 8)

now don't mistake this message for a good bye, not at all, minecraft is to special for that :)
but it's time i start beeing a player and normal staff again and regain my composure that i lost in the last x amount of years.
it'll still be a while before i can play again though,
pc died not to long ago, got a poopie video card atm and minecraft is Chugging at 10fps if i'm lucky,
so my plan is to order a new video card in september and then to really get in the game scene again with well.... less pressure :)

so yeah guys, hope that news wasn't to bad of a read,
now be good for dorion 8)
and i'll cya'll around on the server for sure 8)

o/ catch ya'll laterzzzz 8)
Greetzzz IDwLoD

BeardedCraft Server / LTC 1.9!!!!
« on: April 30, 2016, 11:43:58 am »
o/ yo yo guys,
it's been a while huh...
but the time is finaly here!
1.9 is coming to LTC!! 8)

*Maintenance/Whitelist Details:*
Starting May 9th the Main server will be Whitelisted for i'd say about a week (hopefully a work week "mon to fri" so you can play again in the weekend)
when the server is whitelisted there will be a temp server for you guys to play on untill the main server is ready to open again,
IP adress for the temp server is :
the adress will be linked in the Auto Announcements on the server aswell, on the forum and in the message you get when trying to join a whitelisted server,
so don't worry you won't miss it 8)

*Now.... 1.9 World Details:*
Most of you know that some of the server's worlds will receive a reset for 1.9, so wich worlds will be reset?
The End, The Nether and the Creative world will be reset for 1.9,
The Main World, Amped World will NOT be reset.

As for the Main/Amped World.
They Will get a Bigger World border to include the new 1.9 features.

as for the End/Nether/Creative.
The Nether World Border will stay around -5k to +5k (always able to expand it when needed)
The End World Border will be set to -7.5k to +7.5k (cause of the segmented islands in the new end).

Creative : still pondering slightly about this.
Either there will be a Creative world with Natural world generation (like the main world),
another option is the clean world with the plot system like we had,
or the final option, we use both, but with quite a smaller map size (wich shouldn't matter to much i think).
So what would you prefer?
Natural generated world with creative enabled?
A Flat Land with Plot System?
Or both?

*Now what changes can you expect on the server with 1.9?:*
Flight: Flying will be Disabled for about a month (maybe 2 depending on how things go) But ONLY in the Nether and End Worlds (to prevent vip's just swooshing around grabbing all valuables)

Slimey Coins:
Vip Permissions for Non Vip Members, (like flight/repairing/more homes etc etc),
Permissions for Vip's aswell (name colors anybody? :p)
^ Both can be Purchased/Earned with Slimey Coins (no real life money involved).

Shop Changes (Help Requested):
the shop has always been a problem on LTC in my opinion  :'(
but i'll blame that for my complete lack of economic understanding :p
i still want to change the economy in LTC but lack the skill to do so.
So i would like to ask some of you that have a decent understanding of economy and supply/demand systems,
please contact me if you want to help out with getting a fun economy going on LTC 8)

Dragon Fight 3.0? (was it the third time we go out to kill the dragon as a group? :p) :
but yeah, let's kill this pesky dragon together again in 1.9
Rewards : Dragon head (new or old? unsure yet), Hopefully a good amount of Dragon Breath and ofcourse the dragon egg for those that participate 8)

Building Bridges:
with Flight disabled for a period of time, we still want to explore the new end world right?
so after the group dragon fight you will be able to enter the new end world,
now, for every Bridge that you Build to Connect islands, you will be rewarded with Money and Slimey Coins.
NOTE: bridges will still have to be decent, 80% wood/cobble combos or cheap straight/quick designs won't be rewarded, make some cool bridges 8)
Additional Note: you can still explore the end with ender pearls or jetpacks though, but yeah that's a bit more dangerous without /fly :p
so be wise: Only Carry/Bring items that you can Afford to Loose.

Ok enough with the reading huh? :p
i hope you are all looking forward to 1.9 on LTC and cya'll soon again 8)

Greetzzz IDwLoD

BeardedCraft Server / LTC Mini Games - It's Time To Get Creative
« on: May 11, 2014, 09:13:21 am »
o/ guys

lately we've noticed several new players joining the server in search for mini games,
not joining just for survival,

so i came up with an idea that would adress Several issues and will probably help us a lot,
i'll just jump straight to the point 8)

Ryan has taken it on himself to build a survival games map in a different world map on the server,
i still have to discuss this with ryan but i don't think he'll have an issue with it,

but this map will be turned into our new Spawn Hub, with everything easy to access in 1 location,
quake / prop hunt / survival games / mob arena / creative / survival warps etc

the world will be set as a Creative world,
players with trusted rank and up can go in there and help build mini games and arenas for the server as they see fit,
this will hopefully give us more variation with modes/maps we can play and would appeal to players that are joining for mini games,

the current Quake / Mob Arena and survival games maps will be Transfered/Linked over to that world aswell,
this will Hopefully solve our issue of players Loosing inventory, since they'll be joining those games from a different world where they don't have their survival world items,

i'll take it on myself, and a handfull of other players to make the Actuall Hub where everybody will start (new players and as /spawn)
so please only focuss on building Arenas, since i won't be accepting Hub layouts/builds.

now a few important guidelines and additional info,
first off, since we'll be Sharing a blank/empty world generated map,
you won't have a place to start building straight away, since you can't place blocks in mid air,
so you can ask staff to give you a starting position from where you can start building your arena,
this will probably just be a 5x5 glass floor where you can set your home and return to so you can build.
(involving staff will also make sure we can keep an eye on guideline nr2)

second, when building, keep Other people their builds in mind,
Any arena you build, Should not be Seen from Other arena edges,
so make sure you fly Very Far Away.
(arenas that Are in view distance of other arenas will be Relocated, Or Removed in total)

third, we can't accept Every arena people make, it might not be good or functional, so take no offence to this, and improve on it,
it must have a purpose for a Specific game mode, so plan ahead before building your arena with a mini game in mind,
players and staff will probably also give you tips/advice on what is wrong with the arena or what has to be changed,
please consider this feedback and alter the arena to make it better (2 minds are better then 1 huh)

fourth : for those that are after the Builder/decorator/pixel artist ranks,
builds here Also count towards that if they are good, so go crazy 8)

fifth : ofcourse, Any insulting/troll builds will be removed as soon as we see it,
so no nazi symbols, don't mess with other people their builds
(even though we will probably slap some protections on builds when people request it)

and as last : Griefing is Still NOT allowed,
Any players that grief will get a staff member to knock on their door (Quite possibly with a hammer if you catch my drift)

k i think this covers the basics, if i come up or get informed about other important things i'll update this topic with the new rules/pointers.
now as last, as mentioned above, i still have to run this past ryan, so the world won't be open right now,
but you can expect it to be opened sometime this week 8)

so put that creative thinking cap on,
show us some cool builds/arenas and help the server in the process 8)

o/ Greetzzzz IDwLoD

BeardedCraft Server / LTC Server Plans
« on: March 31, 2014, 10:18:09 am »
o/ guys

it's been a while since i posted an update about the server,
so thought it would be fitting to do so,

first things first,
as you may have noticed i've been a bit more absent lately,
well i've just been more busy with other things,
my drivers licence,
youtube stuff etc,
besides that i've been rather tired aswell cause of a lack of vitamin D (wich you get from sunlight)
and my creativity is at an all time low with figuring out what i want to build and how.

But.... No worries at all,
i'll keep hosting the server np,
it's not just how i feel but it's also important for our community,
so i have No plans at all to stop the server.

Now on to server business 8)
as you may have noticed Quake and Survival Games are disabled atm,
after the weird crashes we had a couple of days ago wich where caused by an issue in spigot,
we've updated to the 1.7.5 version of spigot,
and quake/hunger games aren't updated for that minecraft version yet,

the Quake plugin will stay, along with the maps for it,
and i'm thinking about some new quake maps aswell

the Survival Games plugin we had was buggy from the start, people that could loose their items etc,
wich was bothering me,
so i've downloaded a new plugin for that being : Hunger Games,
now sorry to say this plugin also isn't updated yet for 1.7.5,
so both quake and hunger games will be closed untill they get updated,

further more, some things have been tweaked here and there, and added or removed,
like new no cheatplus / chairs / world guard / core protect versions etc, etc.
and i removed some small plugins like the health bar and snow bow Plugin,
so just minor changes.

Next up : Future Server Plans 8)
ofcourse i'm still thinking about things to add for you guys,
now these things Might or Might not be added,
but i'll try for sure 8)
so here's a small list (not in order):
1: Prop Hunt,
2: Spleef,
3: UHC : Automated UHC world (i have to look into this Really hard, if this is an Option).
4: Capture the Wool : 2 Capture the Wool maps are also beeing tested atm, wich i'll reset once every week if we can use them for our server
the maps being : Ruins of the Mindcrackers 2, and Animosity.
5: Several Forum Changes : making a more Cleaned up forum with topics/info about things on our server wich are easyer to find for everybody.
6: VIP Rank : i'm still Pondering about adding a new Vip rank, i have Some ideas for this, but my feelings are holding me back,
i host the server cause i want to for our community, and not just for myself or for the donations,
so this will require some hard thinking on my side why or why not to add a new Vip rank.

now these things will take Quite some time to work out,
we'll have to make arenas,
setup plugins, and permissions/commands for it,
the forum stuff is pretty low on my list,
and since i'm still rather tired this will really take some time,
so don't expect all these things to happen within a month or 2,

anyway, i think this about covers everything atm,
hope you're all looking forward to the possible changes in the future 8)

o/ Greetzzzz

BeardedCraft Server / Pre 1.7 Fishing Event Scores are Finally Here! :p
« on: December 09, 2013, 11:52:27 am »
o/ guys,

most of you probably remember the 1.7 fishing event we held on the test server,
i know it took a while, but we finally have the scores of all/most contestants that have joined 8)

all players that have caught any of the new fish During the event will get those Fish given to them on the Main server (no old fish),
i'll be posting the winners in this topic, with the complete contestant list underneath that,
the Winners will get a special prize on the Main server,
but don't worry if you're not amongst the winners, you will still get a prize for Joining the event 8)

so to all players, thx for joining the event, i hope you enjoyed it 8)

cocopufff: 1st place Salmon,
rob458: 2nd place Salmon,
betterthanepicme: 3rd place salmon

jason_anaminus: 1st Pufferfish
grondell909: 2nd Pufferfish
arcticfox1115: 3rd pufferfish

Dorionqc: 1st Clownfish
n0tryan: 2nd Clownfish
Tie: 3rd place Clownfish

Total Contestants list and Fish Counts :
salmon : 16
pufferfish : 6
clownfish : 2

salmons : 3
pufferfish : 0
clownfish : 0

salmon : 5
pufferfish : 1
clownfish : 1

salmon : 0
pufferfish : 1
Clownfish : 0

salmon : 15
pufferfish : 4
clownfish :

salmon : 11
pufferfish : 4
clownfish : 0

salmon : 16
pufferfish : 6
clownfish :

salmon : 1
pufferfish : 0
clownfish : 0

salmon : 4
pufferfish : 7
clownfish : 0

salmon : 1
pufferfish : 0
clownfish : 1

salmon : 34
pufferfish : 19
clownfish : 1

salmon : 50
pufferfish : 29
clownfish : 5

salmon : 18
pufferfish : 16
clownfish : 3

salmon : 1
pufferfish : 1
clownfish : 0

salmon : 8
pufferfish : 3
clownfish : 2

salmon : 35
pufferfish : 9
clownfish : 1

salmon : 11
pufferfish : 2
clownfish : 2

salmon : 12
pufferfish : 4
clownfish : 0

salmon : 136
pufferfish : 74
clownfish : 8

salmon : 128
pufferfish : 74
clownfish : 12

salmon : 2
pufferfish : 2
clownfish : 1

salmon : 59
pufferfish : 29
clownfish : 7

salmon : 17
pufferfish : 3
clownfish : 1

salmon : 9
pufferfish : 1
clownfish : 1

people that Couldn't show they had any fish or only had Normal/old (pre 1.7) fish :

BeardedCraft Server / December The Month of Change
« on: December 09, 2013, 11:42:07 am »
o/ guys,

it's time for another update what's happening with the server,

ever since 1.7.2 was released we've all been Eagerly waiting for Bukkit to update so we could run the server on 1.7.2 aswell 8)
so as you Probably noticed that has finally happend and the build is Rather stable except for some minor missing plugins,

like :
Disguise craft /d , /disguise currently isn't working (the plugin devs have posted already they are testing the 1.7.2 release for it)

there are some Minor issues with Essentials aswell, for example that ingame website links aren't working,

additionally the Survival games permissions seem outdated, i'm Not 100% sure that it's still working as intended,
but to be safe i removed the warp signs at /spawn,
you can Still Join the arenas with specific commands, BUT : do so at your Own risk!!!
if something where to happen there, we will NOT reimburse Any possible losses of gear/xp lvls or Ender chest Content,
so you have been warned 8)

k so besides 1.7.2, what has changed on the server ?
we've added quite a few things again 8)

1: added skyblock wich is still working as normal with 1.7.2 from what it looks like
2: added survival games < this will still stay once the plugin has been fixed/updated,
3: Disguises No longer give vip's god mode from hostile mobs, time to get back more to surviving instead of lazy mode with mc
4: Quake Craft plugin is in the planning and i'll look into adding that pretty soon if the plugin supports 1.7.2,

now on to some World changing things,
1: the Overworld Border has been Expanded from 10k to 20k in size (for now)
2: the Creative World will be getting a complete reset in the near future,
and will be Recreated with a Plot Generation to keep things more clean.
3: the Nether might receive this Same treatment and will get a tighter world border fitting the 1:8 ratio from the overworld.

so yeah i think that's all for now,
i hope you will enjoy 1.7.2 on the server and the new mini games 8)

o/ Greetzzz

The Off Topic / Xcom Playthrough - Be a Soldier in Xcom!
« on: November 19, 2013, 09:32:33 am »
o/ guys,

as some of you probably heard i'll Most likely be doing a playthrough/recording of the game Xcom Enemy Within,
this is a Turn based strategy game where a commander is in charge of a squad of 4 to 6 soldiers,
and assigns commands to them in all missions through out the game,
movement / attacking / cover / reloading etc etc.

now these soldiers can be given their own name in the Barracks,
so i thought it would be a fun idea to include you guys with this,

i'll be doing the playthrough on a so called "Ironman" mode,
wich means, if the soldier dies in the field, he/she is gone for good.
adding quite some attachment the player/commander has with the soldiers.

so if you are interested you can sign up in this topic to get your own name on a soldier,
and to face the alien menace along with other LTCers in the playthrough 8)

i'll have a small list of Preferences you would need to enter,
and it's a first come first serve basis,
players that signed up first will be used as a Soldier first in the game,
if 1 dies, then i'll pick the next name in the list, and so on.

things i need from you are :
your Name : ............. (either ingame nick or real life, doesn't matter)
your Gender : F / M
you Hair Color :
and the Color of your uniform :
additionally the game has the option to turn soldiers into Cybernetic enhanced people, or full out mechs if you have the recources for it.
so Upgrade : Cybernetics or Mech,

and example of this list would be :
Name : IDwLoD
Gender : Male
Hair Color : Dark Brown
Color : Cyan,
Upgrade : Mech

please copy these 5 questions and enter the answers to your own preferences in a reply.
and who knows, we might be fighting side by side on the battle front killing aliens and saving the world in the process 8)

BeardedCraft Server / LTC - Pre 1.7 Fishing Event
« on: October 31, 2013, 01:56:34 pm »
Ahoy Land Lubbers!

with the new species of fish beeing released with 1.7
i thought it would be a fun idea to hold a Fishing event.
Note : to join you DO have to update your Minecraft to version 1.7.

the event will be held on the LTC Test server
IP :
when and how long : This weekend twice a day,
Friday 1st of november, till sunday 3rd of november
the event length is for 2 hours per session, so 4 hours per day,
after each event the server will be whitelisted again,

there will only be 9 winners,
But every player that joins gets a nice reward for participating 8)
you do Not have to worry about a fishing rod,
every player that joins the event gets a fishing rod with all the new enchants.

the winners are picked through amount of fish caught per species,
first/second/third place for most pufferfish caught or salmon/clownfish,

to ensure there are 9 different players that win a prize,
we won't give 3 prizes to players who won the Most of all 3 fish,
so for example if i where to catch the most salmon/clownfish and pufferfish,
i will not receive 3 prizes, i will still only get 1 prize.

when the event starts you will be notified on the Main LTC Server,
including a repeating Auto Announcement.
so don't miss it 8)

hope to see you all then,
o/ greetzzz

BeardedCraft Server / LTC - Birthday Gifts!
« on: October 16, 2013, 02:37:40 pm »
A Birthday is always something Special and Deserves a Cool Gift 8)

So if it's your birthday,
Let me know and you can pick a Gift from 1 of the Suprise Birthday Chests.

If you already received a Birthday Gift:
Please Don't spoil the Suprise/Content of what is IN the packages for other players,
a Gift is a Suprise, and it's not much of a suprise if people know what's inside it :p

your Choices Are :
Birthday Gift 1
Every Birthday Boy or Girl gets this Gift.

Birthday Gift 2:
The Horse Package.

Birthday Gift 3:
The Wither Package.

Birthday Gift 4:
The Super Special Suprise Party Package.

Birthday Gift 5:
The Dragon Package.

Birthday Gift 6:
The Money Package.

and Happy Birthday,
Hopefully you'll have a Lot more Good/Healthy years to Come 8)

BeardedCraft Server / LTC - No Health Regen Event
« on: October 16, 2013, 12:41:46 pm »
o/ guys

after our Last Hard Mode event,
we heard you guys thought it was still to easy :p
SOOOO...... your wish is our command,

Introducing the No Health Regen Weekend 8)
active from the 18th This month, till the following Sunday,
and will be Removed again on Monday Morning/Afternoon

During this time : a Full Belly/Hunger bar will NOT regenerate your Health!!
So get those Potions and Golden apples ready guys,
and may God / Buddha / Allah / Krishna Be With You!!

o/ Greetzzz

BeardedCraft Server / Live To Craft V1.1 - Our BIGGEST Update Yet!
« on: October 16, 2013, 12:27:44 pm »
o/ Hey Guys,
A lot has been added to the server these last few days,
so it's time to give you all the Specific details on what has been added,
now while i was typing this i thought it was Way to much to read for 1 topic,
so i'll be putting the added Plugin details into Seperate Topics.
please read them all though 8)

*Undead Experiments!*


*CCTV Cameras*

*Dungeon Maze Adventure*


*New Recipes*


o/ Greetzzz

************Undead Horses**********
Our server's Crazy Professor Cocopuff has been experimenting in his lab with a special Breed of Super Horses for the Masses,
After 1 Terrible Night and Lack of sleep his machine Turned on it's Creator,
spewing out Undead Horses of the Most Terrifying kind!!!

as Result his Failed Creations are Now Roaming our Peacefull lands,
Feeling the Burden of their pain, the Resident Zombies and Skeletons have started Taming the Horses to Add to their Army Strength!

so as a Note to all LTC Civilians,
cause of the nutty Professor Cocopuff's Experiments the Horses ended up with a MAXIMUM amount of health,
including with their New riders, they make a Formidable Foe!

now there is 1 Benefit of the Professor his Mistake,
the Horses still have a Fondness of Humans (doesn't matter what your Skin is)
so if you Manage to take Down the Rider of the horse,
you can continue to Mount the Horse yourself and use it as your own Rotten or Boney Mount.
our advice is though, use a Nose Clamp to counter the Smell (pfff they Stink!)

************New Recipes***********

************Saddles and Horse Armor***********
You know those weird things with 4 legs that you can ride ?
Yes Pigs and Horses are very fun,
but don't you hate it when you finally find your own after looking for hours,
and you can't Ride or protect it cause you have no Saddle or Armor ?

No More Worries, you can Now Craft your Own saddles and horse armor,
use /recipe to figure out the..... well.... recipe :p
/recipe saddle
/recipe ironhorsearmor
/recipe goldhorsearmor
/recipe diamondhorsearmor
************The Ender Bow***********
Enderpearls, fun inventions huh ?
but wouldn't you like it if you could Throw them Further?
instead of now wich feel like you're throwing a wet towel ?
then this new Device is for you,

Introducing The Ender Bow!
Able to Shoot over Massive Distances with a single pearl per Shot.
*Disclaimer : we are Not responsible for Any Deaths / Accidental Lava baths or head first landings in farm animals.*

Now you may think :
so how do you get your hands on this ?
Easy : open your Crafting Bench, put 1 Bow in the Middle Slot
and Surround it by Ender Pearls (8 pearls total)

then Fly Little Birdie 8)

Tired of all those pesky stairs keeping you in shape ?
Have no Fear : Elevators are Here!

Easy to setup and maintain by Anybody.
Can bring you all the way up to Heaven, or plunge you down to hell with the push of a button :p
and Dress it up with Functional Elevator Floors :
Iron Blocks / Gold Blocks / Diamond Blocks < Each block has a Higher Speed/travel Value.

Setup Tutorial :

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