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Title: LTC 1.8-1.10 Backup Up on the Test Server!
Post by: DorionQc on March 04, 2017, 12:23:56 pm
LTC 1.8-1.10 Backup Up on the Test Server!
IP :

After a long long time (nearly 2 months), I've finally got the previous map back up and working on the Test Server,
for yall to get your memory items back and brought over to the new server.
As far as I can tell, it should be an exact copy of what the server was before the update.
There may be lag, since the test server doesn't have a lot of memory.
(And it takes a long long time to boot, if nobody is on it. Again, it doesn't have much memory)

What you can bring :

Keep in mind that Custom Enchants will NOT work
Also, do NOT keep that stuff in your personal inventory or in your enderchest.

How :
Find a good spot in your base to place a double chest.
Place all the items that you wish to keep inside it.
If it is not obvious why some items are there, you may use a sign or a book to justify their presence
Ex. Your Christmas gift
When you're done, mail me (Dorion) with the coords of the chest, the world it is in and anything you think I may want to know.
/mail send Dorion 2000, 54, -2000, normal world
I'll make a copy of the chest in the warehouse, filter out disallowed items (and tell you about them), and periodically copy it over to the new world
probably around once a week for the first couple weeks.

Base Download :
For those who REALLY want to, I can also provide you with a download link containing the few .mca files that contain your base.
(Minecraft saves the world in a bunch of files, storing regions of 32x32 chunks each. Downloading and using those is by far the easiest way to move big regions.)
(However, 32x32 chunks is a very big area, and you may end up with the base of multiple other players if you live in a crowded area)
You may ONLY download a region if you own a part of it, or if you have explicit permission from the owner.
If you live close to someone else's base, I may remove it from your personal download.

How to use that download :
First of all...
Mail me with the location of your base and ask for a download link
Keep the coords of your base handy, they'll be useful later.
I'll get around to saving it whenever I have the time and feel like it
(it's more of a pain than it seems, really. I'll try to get to it at least every weekend for the first few weeks)
Once I've contacted you with a download link...
Start Minecraft in 1.10
Not 1.11 or anything else, 1.10
Create a new singleplayer creative world with the following seed : -2048976883. Make sure that cheats are enabled.
If your base was in amplified, make sure that "World Type" is set to "Amplified", and the seed for that world is -936466802
Generate the world.
You should appear on a forest island in the middle of an ocean. If that's not what you see, you did something wrong.
... or if you're in amped, it should look like the real amped spawn.
Use /tp <your name> <coordinates of your base> to go to where your base would be. The terrain should look as it was before you built anything.
Ex. /tp Dorion 100 64 -200
Close minecraft
Seriously, close it completely. You may crash or corrupt the world if you don't.
Go in your .minecraft folder.
The new launcher gives a pretty easy way to get there. Go in "Launch options", click on your 1.10 profile, then click on the green arrow to the right of "Game Directory"
Go in the "saves" folder, and find the new LTC world you just created.
Go in its "region" folder.
You should see a bunch of .mca files, named r.#.#.mca (where # are numbers)
Make sure (again) that you're in the right world's folder, as the following will override parts of the world
It would suck to override something you didn't really want to override, wouldn't it?
Download the files I sent you (if you haven't already) and copy them in the folder with all the .mca files
If you teleported to the right area earlier, it should ask to override some files. Accept.
Go back in the world. Your build should be there, at the coordinates that it is on the server. Enjoy!
This does not include your own personal inventory. If you want to get those items back... well you're in creative with cheat enabled.