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Title: December The Month of Change
Post by: IDwLoD on December 09, 2013, 11:42:07 am
o/ guys,

it's time for another update what's happening with the server,

ever since 1.7.2 was released we've all been Eagerly waiting for Bukkit to update so we could run the server on 1.7.2 aswell 8)
so as you Probably noticed that has finally happend and the build is Rather stable except for some minor missing plugins,

like :
Disguise craft /d , /disguise currently isn't working (the plugin devs have posted already they are testing the 1.7.2 release for it)

there are some Minor issues with Essentials aswell, for example that ingame website links aren't working,

additionally the Survival games permissions seem outdated, i'm Not 100% sure that it's still working as intended,
but to be safe i removed the warp signs at /spawn,
you can Still Join the arenas with specific commands, BUT : do so at your Own risk!!!
if something where to happen there, we will NOT reimburse Any possible losses of gear/xp lvls or Ender chest Content,
so you have been warned 8)

k so besides 1.7.2, what has changed on the server ?
we've added quite a few things again 8)

1: added skyblock wich is still working as normal with 1.7.2 from what it looks like
2: added survival games < this will still stay once the plugin has been fixed/updated,
3: Disguises No longer give vip's god mode from hostile mobs, time to get back more to surviving instead of lazy mode with mc
4: Quake Craft plugin is in the planning and i'll look into adding that pretty soon if the plugin supports 1.7.2,

now on to some World changing things,
1: the Overworld Border has been Expanded from 10k to 20k in size (for now)
2: the Creative World will be getting a complete reset in the near future,
and will be Recreated with a Plot Generation to keep things more clean.
3: the Nether might receive this Same treatment and will get a tighter world border fitting the 1:8 ratio from the overworld.

so yeah i think that's all for now,
i hope you will enjoy 1.7.2 on the server and the new mini games 8)

o/ Greetzzz