Shoutbox History
says: how do u make fireworks
says: my nxst youtube is coming out
says: have a good dat every1
says: EVERY1 go to /warp bestccafe
says: i need 10000$ tho
says: #4 my b-day is in 17 days
says: ;D i cant wait
says: 2# im saving up for completions
says: hi guys it s diamond
Rowan12526 says: He wants you to change his account name from lol to diamondhunter lol
says: I need a new account...
Nick says: I'm not sure what you're requesting, "Diamond".
Currently, there are no accounts awaiting approval.
If you can't log into Diamond, click the "Forgot Password?" link when attempting to log-in.
IF you're requesting a promotion to staff in-game or forums, please realize that's not how it works here. :P
says: Nxck can u make my
Account Diamondhunter879?
says: Can u accept my Admin as diamond cause im diamond
says: guys its diamond my account wont work
Nick says: The candidates are everyone. :)
The current Staff only have the power to vote, this time!
rabidredneck says: Who are the candidates??? Anyone know??
Nick says: BuyCraft has returned!
Gazkam says: Good luck to all the candidates!  ;D
SnowyAssassin says: I hope EVERYONE has a awesome time at BC, cuz it a GREAT SEVER =3
rabidredneck says: I love this server!!! BC FTW!!!
IDwLoD says: o/ yo yo, IDwLoD here,
my Community Project topic is now on the forums, please read it 8)
Nick says: Haha hey guys :P
Flester says: I love this! :3 Amazing server! <3
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