grondell909: Is the server down? Can't connect at all over the past few days...


camtheman8888: Hey how do I post a ban appeal?

cowlord98: how do I post a ban appeal?

TehDerpyChild: Merry Hanukkah

Olo: Merry Christmas everyone, just in case I forgot tomorrow :D

Appa: Merry Christmas Everyone <3

dieselboom123: thanks could i get my vip rank back as well xD

DorionQc: Woot! Welcome back! :D

dieselboom123: my new name is now Phantomthief1234

dieselboom123: hey everyone xD i lost my old maincreaft accont but my friend let me have his soo yay

lawfulfurbal42: Hi!

Nyahm: Wheres everyone at yo

Nyahm: yes

Appa: Hes sailing

Iz102: where is Greg we miss him dearly