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« on: June 30, 2017, 10:12:56 pm »
Welcome to the official page for IndyTown!

Mayor: *Indy (indyj_)
Officials: Pyro (PyroGenesis), shermy, Hero (Hero527)

Basic Rules:
  • No greifing!
  • No insulting other players! (this includes but is not limited to: stereotypes, racism, sexism, harsh/cruel words)
  • Respect terrain boundaries!
  • Respect the build theme! More on this below.

Building Information:
The build theme is: Modern.
If your build does not match the theme, it may be removed by the town officials. You will receive a notice before this happens, however. Your build will be destroyed and all items contained within the build (physical and within chests) become the property of the town. They will be placed in the Public Storage building for a limited time for you to claim before they will be made inaccessible to you.

!!Warning!! Legal terms ahead!
IndyTown uses the AreaShop plugin. This means that you may purchase a plot and become a limited owner. This means that Town Officials still withhold the right and ability to edit your plot. They must, however, have a good reason. If you do not agree with a Town Official modifying your plot, you may request an investigation below. If they were unjust in their actions and caused any damage or harm, you will receive compensation.
Town Officials still withhold the right to revoke your limited ownership with due process.
You may at any time sell you plot to other players or receive a full refund by surrendering your ownership.

Rail Road
The railroad is a brand new feature to IndyTown that currently connects IndyTown to Wintervale.
Future destinations include Altois' place, MechaniCow's Castle, and Gregoria.

News and Updates
- Coming Soon: New open-air shops in the park! Price will be $500 a month. - Plans for a subway are in the works! - A new PvP Arena is in the planning stages! I'm thinking a nice warehouse battle would be nice! - A new park is popping up in the residential section! head out and enjoy! - The Christmas season is long gone but the decorations are still up! Let's take them down! Talk to Indy about being hired (yes you'll get paid) to remove the decorations in the park.

Please respond below with any questions, comments, or recommendations!

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Check out IndytTown!

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