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The Upgrade: Your Future
« on: May 06, 2013, 09:54:05 pm »

Thanks to Mike and the server donations, BeardedCraft has upgraded today with a cap of now 65 players and almost double the performance power!

With these changes, come many exciting changes you can expect to see in the future!


Player Owned Pets

Have you ever wanted to own a baby wolf, a giant slime, a wither, a pig, or any other mob?

Have you ever wanted to ride an enderdragon, a bat, or a blaze?

Do you need that optional-extra help in PvP/PvM to fireball your opponent?

Are you already picking out names for this pet of yours as you continue to read?

Well good news, Pets are on their way to BeardedCraft!

With endless customizations for your bcPet, you will experience all of it as a VIP!

Trusted players will also be able to enjoy some limited features of pet customizations!



Is the bow and arrow just not doing it for you?

Are you annoyed always using swords?

With thousands of detailed guns and the occasional grenade; this will surely enhance your PvM/PvP experience.


New Food, New Weapons, New Tools

Are you a player looking for the next best thing in MineCraft?

Do you need something new to do to break up that repetition?

You will have the ability to craft items never before seen in MineCraft. They will truly set you apart from the crowd given you have the materials for them.



More LWC Locks
Modified Ranks/Prefixes
Warp Changes
Kit Modifications


With much, much more to come... BC is going to add much more to the survival experience.

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