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Live To Craft - Plans and ideas for the future 8)
« on: September 19, 2013, 05:14:11 pm »
o/ guys,

time to inform you all about the future plans for the server 8)
nothing fancy, just a quick list to update you all on some of the plans,
list is Not in order :p

1: Donations :
i'll be looking into paypal donations sometime this week for those that are interested.

2:Advertising :
starting next month we'll start advertising the server again to get in new blood 8)

3:Tokens :
Tokens from Beardedcraft are Likely to return,
not sure yet what rewards we'll add

4:Birthday Rewards :
a birthday is always something special and deserves a gift 8)
so if it's your birthday you can choose 1 Gift for yourself.

5:Plugins :
adding Bridges/Gates and Elevators (atleast) (probably a Vip and Builder only permission)

6:Hard Mode event
we'll probably do the event not This weekend, but the weekend after that,
so possibly from friday 27th to sunday the 29th

7:No Health Regen event :
no date planned yet.

i'm gonna look into the disguise configs to see what kind of fun things are in there for vip's to enjoy,
perhaps nothing can be added, but we'll see 8)

k that was all for now guys,
ofcourse if you have any cool ideas yourself,
feel free to start a forum topic about it,
or you can also send me a pm on the forum here,
then who knows, your event might be added 8)

o/ greetzzz IDwLoD

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