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Coming Soon: BeardedCraft [3]
« on: May 25, 2013, 03:47:42 pm »

We have all come a long way. We have been through many changes to perfect our survival home while keeping fairness and fun at all-time balancing highs.

As a BeardedCrafter, your two main goals we encourage you to complete is to make friends and/or bring your imagination to life.

Starting Monday, our last big move will be starting, placing us into BeardedCraft 3.

Monday, player-to-player trades will become very common as /Warp Shop will be getting a drastic make-over.

No longer will your time spent on the server be out-shined by a fresh player who just visited the server shop. The creative-mode feel it brought will be silenced.
(/Kits will still remain, for the time being)

With that, Monday comes a new interface to trade with players. You will easily have the ability to make sure you get what you need -- Without scam.

Monday will also bring a new system for paying for protections.
Each staff member will have his/her fee to take the time to protect an area for you; and if the price is reasonable, you will be required to pay it.
(Rabidredneck might be providing a better guideline for this in due-time)

Also on a side note,
Many of you will be surprised to hear there is a new spawn being built. Already over a month in, we are hoping it is finished before the 1.6 release.
The clustered mess we refer to as /Warp Wild will be removed on Monday, as well.
New players will be encouraged to travel to new warps if they do not feel like searching for new land by ocean; which our current spawn is surrounded by.
This also helps get more publicity to builds our community works so hard on. 

These steps we are taking are to better balance out the economy and server game-play.
Whilst staff continues to provide their input for the economy, lets hear yours in the Suggestions forum now!

We still so much planned yet for BeardedCraft. Help us shape it?  ;D

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