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Official B.C. Lore
« on: June 03, 2013, 11:55:32 pm »
BeardedCraft Lore

By: SnowyAssassin


One day, far, far from now... Okay maybe not that far. They were just two people with normal lives, until they came; until it rose. They were just in the right place at the right time. They never expected it, they never wanted it to happen. It. Just. Did.

They were just building, these two, just like any normal day. When suddenly, everything burst into flames, all they created was gone, turned into nether rack, to dust, to nothing. They looked up to find, Israphel and Herobrine, smirking down at them. They summoned zombies, skeletons, creepers, pigmen, blazes, all of it, all of the hostile mobs, including angered wolves. The two fought with all they might to save this lovely world they oh so loved, then they came. Honeydew and Xephos, they came just in time to save the two, they came to finish what they started, yet after some time, they were falling. Israphel and Herobrine were getting the upper hand. When, more came.

They were friends of the two people, Mike and Nick, they were IDwLoD, Ajz, Ellunas, Rabid and Rob. They came in, nodded at the two and joined them in the fight, which now, turned into a war. Honeydew and Xephos approved of this, as they the more help they can get, the better. They, then, got the upper hand. Everything was going to well to be true, that when Israphel hatched another plan. He increased the rate of the summoning and made wave. This surprised them, and caught them off guard, which meant that they fell into the wave of mobs and got separated as they were back to back with each other in the middle of them all. Then, others rushed in.

Lumpy, Meko, Ryan, Snowy and Jake . They came and brought everyone back in the circle. They were friend of the six and there they fought off many, they were unstoppable, or so they thought. Israphel thought of a better plan. He thought that they had no more coming in to help them, so he teleported their loved ones to him and put them in a barrier, saying ''If you don't surrender now, they will be killed, in front of you, with no regrets. So what will it be?'' The wave stopped, to let the fighters think of their answer. And well of course, they put themselves out there to save the ones they loved. And knelt down, bracing themselves for the finishing blows. Nothing happened. They looked up to see those who have taken the hits for them. They were SnowyAssassin, Joren_D, Meh_Fighter_Dan, rowbolger, Pacture, Alex, KittyQueen, Skylord, Drags, Xu and Poke. They had took the loved ones to a place safe and protected them from harm, with something special the eleven have in common, but they died to protect those who are fighting. And their death will not go in vain, they all thought at once.

Israphel has now run out of all his plans and looks to Herobrine to see if he has anything up his selves, and yes he did. Herobrine nodded and smiled, turning back to the fight, grinning madly, before summoning everyone's worst nightmare. Some was able to overcome them, yet some couldn't, and those were the ones that fell, the ones that couldn't take it anymore. They were losing faith, rapidly and soon no one had hope. Many fell, when they came. North, Alfonzo, Paige, Fernst, Diesel, Lazylilith, Jordant, Firelegowillow and Min. etc.

They came and help raise our hopes, revived the fallen and to join them in the fight, to win it all. But then, everything went to a all time low. Every weapon, every armour they had, broke. Gone. Disappeared. That is when the rest came. Before anything bad could happen to the fighters, the final people came. Ender, Meldebious, Arctic, Tunnler and Smokey, etc. Once they arrived, with back up, with extra weapons, extra armor. This made everyone smile and began to fight again. Everything was dying in a unbelievable rate. Everyone was working so well and a team, everyone understood what they were fighting for. Herobrine saw what happened and betrayed Israphel. Pushed him into the mob fest and retreated. Leaving Israphel to die under their hands. Once they killed all that was evil, they rested. Mike and Nick they stood up to say how grateful they were that more people helped. But then Honeydew and Xephos stood up to, say we should make a peace world, where we can all be at peace and be ready to fight Herobrine as he can come back at anytime, anywhere. Everyone agreed, and Mike and Nick sorted out everyone's positions From Trusted to Owner [Trusted, VIP, Rolemodel, Mod, Admin, Owner]. They made the world, BeardedCraft. This meant that everyone would be there at the right time at the right place, to fight against the return of Herobrine.

So will you join the battle, or stay in the sidelines like the members? Will we let Herobrine take over, or destroy him for good? We'll see, as we grow, will you grow with us?

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