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UPCOMING: Events and General News (August)
« on: August 17, 2013, 02:13:20 pm »
As most of you know already, Nick and Mike have stepped down from BeardedCraft to explore what life has to offer outside of video games. We the players cannot express the amount of gratitude you both put into BeardedCraft for us on an everyday bases. We all will miss you both so very much.

But now on the bright side, BeardedCraft now has its new Emperor.. Please give a warm welcome to Idwlod_MC.

Things may be a bit rocky at the start as ID himself is learning new things everyday about operating BeardedCraft's plugins and console settings... but everything will slowly start to smooth out to normal.

Some things to keep in mind with the new owner transition:
- All In-Game and Forum Rules "STILL" Apply.
- If you have questions, message a staff member first before going directly to ID... for he may be busy running plugins and console situations.
- FARLANDS are still off limits.
- Those wanting to purchase 'VIP' PLEASE wait till ID gives the OK! to do so. Paypal account for ID has to be moved over from Mike.
- Player Ranks are still remaining as they are.

**Special Note**
- Most of you have heard rumors about a map reset... this is only an idea at the present moment. If this does take into affect, it will be for when BeardedCraft goes into Patch 1.7 with all current major plugins updated !
- Spawn Town will be carried over.
- Reasons for the possible reset
--- Introducing World Borders to prevent lagging, Idea of Border may reach 200,000 + (-) in bother directions... Still PLENTY! of room to roam around on
--- Introducing the Biome changes for 1.7 to be closer to spawn and for new players to explore instead of traveling at unreal distances.
--- Introducing the already changes from 1.6 IE Horses / Dungeons ect.. to be closer and more available to players.

- A proposed Idea of prior to reset is that each player is given a single chest at spawn for which they would like to transfer over items of memorable value, such as named server items and various other things.. But on a side note.. Nothing that would give a player benefit to themselves, such as diamonds,gold,enchanted items... ect. More cleared information to come as time comes closer.

Events are on the slim because of plugin configuring for the moment.
But on a good note.. We are taking ideas that people may poses for possible events to do without plugins.

Current Events-
-- SnowFall: We have a 4 man arena and a up to 16 man(solo/team) arena
-- PVM: Once ID has full console access, PVM will continue once more... possibly with some new twists
-- SilverMine: Once ID has full console access. New thoughts of a bigger SilverMine ball.
-- Sumo Fist Arena: Possible Tournaments
-- Various player made PVP Arena: Possible Tournaments
-- Tic-Tac-Toe: A board has been created at spawn near the snowfalls
-- Archery Contests: An Archery field is in progress.
-- Spawn Hide-n-Seek: Be the Hidden or the Seeker ?
-- Cops and Robbers: Currently being built, More info will come as the build is complete ( This is more of a roleplay then a minigame )
-- King of Ladders: Challenging Ladder climbing with snowball pvp.
-- Fishing: Drop the worm in the water and hope for a BIG CATCH !. Fish up chests with Special Loot !

These have been brought up by various staff members for possible week/weekend event ideas.
- Free Fly Weekend: Not VIP? Grow some wings and and take to the skies !
- No Regen Weekend: Keep those Potions near by because food isnt going to save you.
- Monster Mash: Max Monster Difficulty for a period of time. Meaning more hurt, more mobs, but more XP and monster loot !

** If you the player have any possible ideas, Please send a staff a message on the forums and/or ingame. WE WILL LISTEN ! **

Good Luck Guys/Gals and Welcome to the 'FUTURE' of BEARDEDCRAFT ! ! ! ! !

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