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LTC Server Plans
« on: March 31, 2014, 10:18:09 am »
o/ guys

it's been a while since i posted an update about the server,
so thought it would be fitting to do so,

first things first,
as you may have noticed i've been a bit more absent lately,
well i've just been more busy with other things,
my drivers licence,
youtube stuff etc,
besides that i've been rather tired aswell cause of a lack of vitamin D (wich you get from sunlight)
and my creativity is at an all time low with figuring out what i want to build and how.

But.... No worries at all,
i'll keep hosting the server np,
it's not just how i feel but it's also important for our community,
so i have No plans at all to stop the server.

Now on to server business 8)
as you may have noticed Quake and Survival Games are disabled atm,
after the weird crashes we had a couple of days ago wich where caused by an issue in spigot,
we've updated to the 1.7.5 version of spigot,
and quake/hunger games aren't updated for that minecraft version yet,

the Quake plugin will stay, along with the maps for it,
and i'm thinking about some new quake maps aswell

the Survival Games plugin we had was buggy from the start, people that could loose their items etc,
wich was bothering me,
so i've downloaded a new plugin for that being : Hunger Games,
now sorry to say this plugin also isn't updated yet for 1.7.5,
so both quake and hunger games will be closed untill they get updated,

further more, some things have been tweaked here and there, and added or removed,
like new no cheatplus / chairs / world guard / core protect versions etc, etc.
and i removed some small plugins like the health bar and snow bow Plugin,
so just minor changes.

Next up : Future Server Plans 8)
ofcourse i'm still thinking about things to add for you guys,
now these things Might or Might not be added,
but i'll try for sure 8)
so here's a small list (not in order):
1: Prop Hunt,
2: Spleef,
3: UHC : Automated UHC world (i have to look into this Really hard, if this is an Option).
4: Capture the Wool : 2 Capture the Wool maps are also beeing tested atm, wich i'll reset once every week if we can use them for our server
the maps being : Ruins of the Mindcrackers 2, and Animosity.
5: Several Forum Changes : making a more Cleaned up forum with topics/info about things on our server wich are easyer to find for everybody.
6: VIP Rank : i'm still Pondering about adding a new Vip rank, i have Some ideas for this, but my feelings are holding me back,
i host the server cause i want to for our community, and not just for myself or for the donations,
so this will require some hard thinking on my side why or why not to add a new Vip rank.

now these things will take Quite some time to work out,
we'll have to make arenas,
setup plugins, and permissions/commands for it,
the forum stuff is pretty low on my list,
and since i'm still rather tired this will really take some time,
so don't expect all these things to happen within a month or 2,

anyway, i think this about covers everything atm,
hope you're all looking forward to the possible changes in the future 8)

o/ Greetzzzz
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