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LTC Server Change!
« on: September 02, 2013, 01:07:37 pm »
o/ guys,

As you've hopefully read on the forums when the server just started,
we're running 2 servers atm,
and that i want the best preformance from the server providers we can get,
now mcprohosting that we're on isn't really operating to my liking,
random lag spikes, occasional crashes and server disconnects,
and it's always running at 100% cpu and ram use, even if only 1 player is online.

so we are going to switch the server in 1 week or so.

now probably the shocker for you guys,
the current server we are playing on was just opened up Very fast just to get the players to play again with the community,
it also acted as a test ground to figure out all the plugins and details, and to add the features we had on Bearded Craft aswell.
so everything was thrown together including the map.

so now i hope you'll forgive me for this, but for the new server we will be using a New map (Shocker huh)
so yes you will loose the builds you have at the moment.
but then again it's only been a week or 2 since we started the server, so not much is lost.

now away with the bad news and on to the good news 8)
the new map will be Kept for a Long time,
i'll make sure to backup the map Often so we'll carry that over whatever happends in the future,

the new server is as good as set up with all plugins and features we have on the current server,
so from the day that you'll transfer your rank will be what you where right now, kits are also included,

now when we do the transfer your player.dat file will be moved over aswell,
this means : your Balance / Enderchest and Player Inventory will be kept on the switch,
so on the day that we transfer make sure that you have All Items you want to move over to the new server in your Enderchest and player inventory,
you can bring your Enderchest full of items, and 1 Full player inventory.
All Items are allowed to be moved over (kit contents, spawners, building materials, Anything)

also as a player asked : if you have so much items that you want to bring but it's more then can fit in your enderchest and inventory,
then you Are Allowed to ask other players or use an alt account, if they can hold on to Other items for you,
make sure you Trust them though, so your items will not be stolen.

now as a small secret for the new map,
all players and ranks can Claim a "1 Time Only" special kit when joining the new server,
as a compensation for the map reset 8)
contents will remaing a secret untill the day we switched :P

again guys i hope you'll forgive me for this 8)
but i promise you: this will be the last reset for a VERY Long time,

now as a final note :
the server switch will be made on : Monday September 9th
feel free to add the server IP adress to your Multiplayer server List already : server IP is :
it is whitelisted for now, and will be Opened up on Monday the 9th.

So k guys, start preparing for the switch,
fill your enderchests with valuables, and don't forget to fill your Player inventory aswell Before Monday,
it would be best if you put everything in your personal inventory on Sunday late in the day.

k guys, on to the real new future of LTC 8)
i hope you will all be a part of it, and that we'll get a lot more fun new members to join as aswell 8)

o/ Greetzzz
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