Author Topic: LTC - Pre 1.7 Fishing Event  (Read 124 times)

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LTC - Pre 1.7 Fishing Event
« on: October 31, 2013, 01:56:34 pm »
Ahoy Land Lubbers!

with the new species of fish beeing released with 1.7
i thought it would be a fun idea to hold a Fishing event.
Note : to join you DO have to update your Minecraft to version 1.7.

the event will be held on the LTC Test server
IP :
when and how long : This weekend twice a day,
Friday 1st of november, till sunday 3rd of november
the event length is for 2 hours per session, so 4 hours per day,
after each event the server will be whitelisted again,

there will only be 9 winners,
But every player that joins gets a nice reward for participating 8)
you do Not have to worry about a fishing rod,
every player that joins the event gets a fishing rod with all the new enchants.

the winners are picked through amount of fish caught per species,
first/second/third place for most pufferfish caught or salmon/clownfish,

to ensure there are 9 different players that win a prize,
we won't give 3 prizes to players who won the Most of all 3 fish,
so for example if i where to catch the most salmon/clownfish and pufferfish,
i will not receive 3 prizes, i will still only get 1 prize.

when the event starts you will be notified on the Main LTC Server,
including a repeating Auto Announcement.
so don't miss it 8)

hope to see you all then,
o/ greetzzz

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