Author Topic: LTC Mini Games - It's Time To Get Creative  (Read 991 times)

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LTC Mini Games - It's Time To Get Creative
« on: May 11, 2014, 09:13:21 am »
o/ guys

lately we've noticed several new players joining the server in search for mini games,
not joining just for survival,

so i came up with an idea that would adress Several issues and will probably help us a lot,
i'll just jump straight to the point 8)

Ryan has taken it on himself to build a survival games map in a different world map on the server,
i still have to discuss this with ryan but i don't think he'll have an issue with it,

but this map will be turned into our new Spawn Hub, with everything easy to access in 1 location,
quake / prop hunt / survival games / mob arena / creative / survival warps etc

the world will be set as a Creative world,
players with trusted rank and up can go in there and help build mini games and arenas for the server as they see fit,
this will hopefully give us more variation with modes/maps we can play and would appeal to players that are joining for mini games,

the current Quake / Mob Arena and survival games maps will be Transfered/Linked over to that world aswell,
this will Hopefully solve our issue of players Loosing inventory, since they'll be joining those games from a different world where they don't have their survival world items,

i'll take it on myself, and a handfull of other players to make the Actuall Hub where everybody will start (new players and as /spawn)
so please only focuss on building Arenas, since i won't be accepting Hub layouts/builds.

now a few important guidelines and additional info,
first off, since we'll be Sharing a blank/empty world generated map,
you won't have a place to start building straight away, since you can't place blocks in mid air,
so you can ask staff to give you a starting position from where you can start building your arena,
this will probably just be a 5x5 glass floor where you can set your home and return to so you can build.
(involving staff will also make sure we can keep an eye on guideline nr2)

second, when building, keep Other people their builds in mind,
Any arena you build, Should not be Seen from Other arena edges,
so make sure you fly Very Far Away.
(arenas that Are in view distance of other arenas will be Relocated, Or Removed in total)

third, we can't accept Every arena people make, it might not be good or functional, so take no offence to this, and improve on it,
it must have a purpose for a Specific game mode, so plan ahead before building your arena with a mini game in mind,
players and staff will probably also give you tips/advice on what is wrong with the arena or what has to be changed,
please consider this feedback and alter the arena to make it better (2 minds are better then 1 huh)

fourth : for those that are after the Builder/decorator/pixel artist ranks,
builds here Also count towards that if they are good, so go crazy 8)

fifth : ofcourse, Any insulting/troll builds will be removed as soon as we see it,
so no nazi symbols, don't mess with other people their builds
(even though we will probably slap some protections on builds when people request it)

and as last : Griefing is Still NOT allowed,
Any players that grief will get a staff member to knock on their door (Quite possibly with a hammer if you catch my drift)

k i think this covers the basics, if i come up or get informed about other important things i'll update this topic with the new rules/pointers.
now as last, as mentioned above, i still have to run this past ryan, so the world won't be open right now,
but you can expect it to be opened sometime this week 8)

so put that creative thinking cap on,
show us some cool builds/arenas and help the server in the process 8)

o/ Greetzzzz IDwLoD