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LTC - Birthday Gifts!
« on: October 16, 2013, 02:37:40 pm »
A Birthday is always something Special and Deserves a Cool Gift 8)

So if it's your birthday,
Let me know and you can pick a Gift from 1 of the Suprise Birthday Chests.

If you already received a Birthday Gift:
Please Don't spoil the Suprise/Content of what is IN the packages for other players,
a Gift is a Suprise, and it's not much of a suprise if people know what's inside it :p

your Choices Are :
Birthday Gift 1
Every Birthday Boy or Girl gets this Gift.

Birthday Gift 2:
The Horse Package.

Birthday Gift 3:
The Wither Package.

Birthday Gift 4:
The Super Special Suprise Party Package.

Birthday Gift 5:
The Dragon Package.

Birthday Gift 6:
The Money Package.

and Happy Birthday,
Hopefully you'll have a Lot more Good/Healthy years to Come 8)

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