Author Topic: Live To Craft V1.1 - Our BIGGEST Update Yet! **Undead Experiments!**  (Read 889 times)

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************Undead Horses**********
Our server's Crazy Professor Cocopuff has been experimenting in his lab with a special Breed of Super Horses for the Masses,
After 1 Terrible Night and Lack of sleep his machine Turned on it's Creator,
spewing out Undead Horses of the Most Terrifying kind!!!

as Result his Failed Creations are Now Roaming our Peacefull lands,
Feeling the Burden of their pain, the Resident Zombies and Skeletons have started Taming the Horses to Add to their Army Strength!

so as a Note to all LTC Civilians,
cause of the nutty Professor Cocopuff's Experiments the Horses ended up with a MAXIMUM amount of health,
including with their New riders, they make a Formidable Foe!

now there is 1 Benefit of the Professor his Mistake,
the Horses still have a Fondness of Humans (doesn't matter what your Skin is)
so if you Manage to take Down the Rider of the horse,
you can continue to Mount the Horse yourself and use it as your own Rotten or Boney Mount.
our advice is though, use a Nose Clamp to counter the Smell (pfff they Stink!)