Author Topic: Live To Craft V1.1 - Our BIGGEST Update Yet! **New Recipes**  (Read 682 times)

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Live To Craft V1.1 - Our BIGGEST Update Yet! **New Recipes**
« on: October 16, 2013, 11:56:16 am »
************New Recipes***********

************Saddles and Horse Armor***********
You know those weird things with 4 legs that you can ride ?
Yes Pigs and Horses are very fun,
but don't you hate it when you finally find your own after looking for hours,
and you can't Ride or protect it cause you have no Saddle or Armor ?

No More Worries, you can Now Craft your Own saddles and horse armor,
use /recipe to figure out the..... well.... recipe :p
/recipe saddle
/recipe ironhorsearmor
/recipe goldhorsearmor
/recipe diamondhorsearmor
************The Ender Bow***********
Enderpearls, fun inventions huh ?
but wouldn't you like it if you could Throw them Further?
instead of now wich feel like you're throwing a wet towel ?
then this new Device is for you,

Introducing The Ender Bow!
Able to Shoot over Massive Distances with a single pearl per Shot.
*Disclaimer : we are Not responsible for Any Deaths / Accidental Lava baths or head first landings in farm animals.*

Now you may think :
so how do you get your hands on this ?
Easy : open your Crafting Bench, put 1 Bow in the Middle Slot
and Surround it by Ender Pearls (8 pearls total)

then Fly Little Birdie 8)