Author Topic: Live To Craft V1.1 - Our BIGGEST Update Yet! **Dungeon Maze Adventure**  (Read 434 times)

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************Dungeon Maze Adventure**********
Tired of all those Caves and Mineshafts with Dead Ends?
and Walls of Smooth stone Blocking your path while mining ?
then Fear No More!

Introducing our First Adventure Mode for the server 8)
7 Layers of Infinite Generated Dungeons with Suprises and Mobs around Each corner!
the map Includes a Shop for all your Armor/Weapons/Tools and Potion needs,

Earn a Good Buck Killing mobs,
and have fun with Friends while doing it 8)

still confused what we're talking about ?
then go look at this :p

Want to get Started ? type /Warp Adventure
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