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Re: Genius At Work.
« on: August 24, 2016, 10:27:09 pm »
Very pleased to see the community ongoing survival still in the hands of another phenomenal manager! BC/LTC/DorionCraft (:P) has and has always had a spectacular society not only in Minecraft, but in gaming overall. You did a fantastic job maintaining the livelihood of us all for much longer than I and I also offer my thank you for that, Mr. ID <3. Ellunas and I still try to reguarly keep up to date on you guys, despite rarely logging in (or in my case, currently unable to) but I know I speak on behalf of us and even Tanker (Michael) and the SupraCraft owner even before us, how proud we are of the staff and all players involved in how we're all still together in some way.

Here's to many more years of this community - no matter what it's called  ;D!
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