Shoutbox History
Appa says: jk i love you
Appa says: Please we are sick of rob.
Rob458 says: dazerk please make a comeback i miss you dearly
Troll_Bros99 says: me me also got promoted at work, im a cook now instead of dishwasher.
Appa says: Me me got promoted at work :3
Dazerk says: Scrubs :P
enderslayer says: dorian!! ?
Nyahm says: but your name 100% suggests otherwise :)
Troll_Bros99 says: how do i get unbanned, i was banned like 3 years ago and ive aged well enough to not be a dumb troll
Nyahm says: Hey everyone. I've been up to a lot the past month and have started getting into photography and photo editing. I took a couple of snaps of my bike today, what do people think? If you have any tips/ideas please go ahead!
DorionQc says: :O
Meko says: Boo!
Altois says: I'm going to need all of you to log on. All the time. Every day. ... or whenever you can, no pressure.
Nyahm says: wagwon m80 hows it going fam
lawfulfurbal42 says: hello friends how is it going
tmpcraft says: Zglow a newone stole my stuff and wont give it back
tmpcraft says: got a problem with a new player, little **** stole my stuff and dumped it into lava
Nyahm says: Hello everyone! Thought I'd come back and play again for a little while as I have a bunch of free time now. Anything new happening?
TehDerpyChild says: What did I miss?
jackwild123 says: Hi guys im making a return to the server since I stopped playing minecraft for a while and now ive came back
DorionQc says: That being said, I just opened the End for exploration! Just hit the random teleporter at /warp end.
DorionQc says: If you're still in the end, you'll be fine, keepInventory is on in that dimension.
grondell909 says: SOOO.... I tried to ender the second end thingy but i was teleported into the void.. and if I log back in Im going to lose all my gear that I just prepped for going and fighting shurkers... what do i do.
supersoupcan says: ah **** did i miss the dragon fight
Blankielex says: what TIME is the dragon fight
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