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TehDerpyChild says: What did I miss?
jackwild123 says: Hi guys im making a return to the server since I stopped playing minecraft for a while and now ive came back
DorionQc says: That being said, I just opened the End for exploration! Just hit the random teleporter at /warp end.
DorionQc says: If you're still in the end, you'll be fine, keepInventory is on in that dimension.
grondell909 says: SOOO.... I tried to ender the second end thingy but i was teleported into the void.. and if I log back in Im going to lose all my gear that I just prepped for going and fighting shurkers... what do i do.
supersoupcan says: ah **** did i miss the dragon fight
Blankielex says: what TIME is the dragon fight
lawfulfurbal42 says: hi
Slimester27 says: What to know whos in the other photo here
Slimester27 says: Fun times on LTC With friends
DorionQc says: Since quite a few players are active these days, I'm thinking of doing the Dragon Fight Event during the weekend before Valentine's Day, so on February 11th and 12th, at around noon and 8 PM (EST) both days (hopefully I can make it in time). That leaves y'all a bit over a week to prepare. Make sure to not bring stuff you can't afford to lose, as you may die in the void... I may also spice things up ;)
DorionQc says: Just gotta post your IGN in that "Official 'Trusted' Whitelisting Thread", yep
Slimester27 says: Are u still picking people for trusted Dorion?
DorionQc says: Alright, server is reset and updated for 1.11.2! There's probably still a bunch of bugs, but everything seems to work fine :D
DorionQc says: Guess I'm forced to update tonight, hard drive is full and we can't even load chunks anymore without CoreProtect freaking out... Well, that's new. Anyway, wish me luck. The server might be down for a while. (2017-01-13 at around 1 AM :p)
Rob458 says: when it's 2017 and you see someone typed 'minekush'

TehDerpyChild says: your*
TehDerpyChild says: When you computers hard drive explodes and you can't play minekush ;-;
Appa says: Happy new year mother truckers
Amalgon says: Merry Christmas everyone! Have a good one <3
Zaowchen says: oh gods I've not been here in forever!
rabidredneck says: we need to be in the same place at the same time dori
Rob458 says: oh dor's alive, shame.
DorionQc says: Raaaabbbbbb
rabidredneck says: dooooori!!!!!
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