DorionQc: Just to let yall know, I tried updating to 1.12.1, but it does seem like the amped world gets broken in that version (damn NMS) and randomly crashes the server, so we'll have to stick to 1.12 for the time being.

Rob458: it's alive

Xumevyn: I LIVE.

DorionQc: It was starvation

Appa: Triforce
1. Possibility of drowing
2. Possibility of Starvation

Afk pools or any afk machine are not 100% reliable they all have there flaws.
Unless you are in creative of course.

triforcewisdomb: Dorian can you hop on the server. steven is trying to see how he died in an afk pool and lost all his stuff

Zaowchen: wow.. been a long time since I was here huh

Rob458: hi friend

millertrent887: hi

DorionQc: Alright, done. Most stuff should work as normal.

DorionQc: Server's gonna be off for a bit, I'm updating to 1.12. Hopefully, not too many things will break, but only time will tell. (Written on July 1st, 1:30 PM EST)

tmpcraft: wheres the ban appeal thread?

Appa: Subnote. Don't private message staff about Ban Appeals. There is a Ban Appeal thread for a reason.

Appa: i mean your father can love your mum alot so i can obviously love you alot

Appa: well as much as a man can love a cow

Appa: jk i love you