tmpcraft: wheres the ban appeal thread?

Appa: Subnote. Don't private message staff about Ban Appeals. There is a Ban Appeal thread for a reason.

Appa: i mean your father can love your mum alot so i can obviously love you alot

Appa: well as much as a man can love a cow

Appa: jk i love you

Appa: Please we are sick of rob.

Rob458: dazerk please make a comeback i miss you dearly

Troll_Bros99: me me also got promoted at work, im a cook now instead of dishwasher.

Appa: Me me got promoted at work :3

Dazerk: Scrubs :P

enderslayer: dorian!! ?

Nyahm: but your name 100% suggests otherwise :)

Troll_Bros99: how do i get unbanned, i was banned like 3 years ago and ive aged well enough to not be a dumb troll

Nyahm: Hey everyone. I've been up to a lot the past month and have started getting into photography and photo editing. I took a couple of snaps of my bike today, what do people think? If you have any tips/ideas please go ahead!

DorionQc: :O

Meko: Boo!